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2021 Trofeo Montegiorgio Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report by Fabio Domanin

We had the last race of summer season in Montegiorgio on roadtrack.

Many classes, starting from young electric 1:10 to the Nitro +50, nitro 1:10 and the professional 1:8 on road.

Drivers enjoyed the day with nice weather and some team drivers used the race to prepare the important Manufacture GT in Fiorano.

In electric class we mix super young talents almost 5 years old Rocco Maggiorana with XB4 with T4.

Electric results:

  1. Diego d’Angelo - XRAY
  2. Rocco Maggiorana - XRAY
  3. Davide d’Angelo - XRAY

In GT class Luca De Santis with GTXE in improving performance every race getting more and more confidence. He won the race, with Federico Tassi 2nd and Francesco Tomassetti 3rd

GT results:

  1. Luca De Santis - XRAY GTXE
  2. Federico Tasi
  3. Francesco Tomassetti

In 1:10 nitro class we have Francesco Domanin TQ and win the final with another XRAY driver 2nd Andrea Porfiri. 3rd place for Ronny Compagnucci

1/10 nitro results:

  1. Francesco Domanin - XRAY
  2. Andrea Porfiri - XRAY
  3. Ronny Compagnucci

1:8 +50 was the most excited final with couple of drivers who did not race since many many years! Alberto Gagliardi won the two 10 minutes final with Emilio Antico 2nd and Alberto D'angelo 3rd.

1/8 nitro 50+ results:

  1. Alberto Gagliardi - XRAY
  2. Emilio Antico - XRAY
  3. Alberto D'angelo

The 1:8 class was the main final with faster drivers and the closest battle.

Domanin start from TQ with Dante Piersante 2nd. At the start two main battles with Filippo and Dante who fight with many overtaking, following by Pierantoni and Saccente also in close pace for the podium! After the 30 minutes final Dante was 1st under the checkered flag, Filippo 2nd and Alessandro saccente 3rd.

1/8 nitro results:

  1. Dante Piersante - XRAY
  2. Filippo Domanin - XRAY
  3. Alessandro Saccente - XRAY
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