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23/24 ETS Round 5 Report

Race Results



Press Release From ETS:

Matrix Modified

Lucas Urbain started from the first spot in A3 while race winner Michal Orlowski was already watching the action relaxed beside the track. Urbain finally had a clean run and took the win in A3 – a win that was only good enough for P4 in the end after Urbain had two bad first A-Main finals. Behind the Awesomatix of Urbain it was a battle between Adam Izsay and Marc Rheinard for second and third. Rheinard was close for a several times but found no way to ride a serious attack on Izsay.

Simon Lauter was holding off a hard pushing Ronald Völker in the fight for P4 and P5. Lauter did a great job and kept the door slam shot against the multiple ETS champion Völker. The top 5 finishing order in A3 was Urbain, Izsay, Rheinard, Lauter, and Völker.

After the results from A3, the Matrix Modified podium saw Michal Orlowski on the top step, framed by “the driver of the weekend” Adam Izsay, and Marc Rheinard.  

Winner B-Main: Dominic Greiner (DE)
Winner C-Main: Alex Kunkler (FR)
Winner D-Main: Maarten Wouters (NL)
Winner E-Main: Tobias Waider (DE)

Awesomatix ProStock

Izsay wins A3 and Ellerbrock secures last minute podium spot

Adam Izsay won the last A-Main of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class. Race winner Ollie Bultynck was not on the line anymore in A3 and Izsay took full advantage and took second place overall. Behind A3 winner Izsay, we saw a close battle between Sören Sparbier and Lukas Ellerbrock. After Sören was riding the curbs too much, Ellerbrock tried an inside pass and went by. Unluckily for Sparbier, his body was tucked, and he lost positions – and the overall podium position which he aimed for. The top 5 result was: Bultynck, Izsay, Ellerbrock, Sparbier, and Ratheisky

Winner B-Main: Jasmin Donath (DE)
Winner C-Main: Mark Valent (NL)
Winner D-Main: Maarten Wouters (NL)
Winner E-Main: Marvin Schneider (DE)
Winner F-Main: Mike Martinez (FR)
Winner G-Main: Aiden Gale (GB)

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Borschel wins A3 ahead of the Valent brothers

Roman Borschel was on fire all weekend long. He was the only one challenging race winner Adam Izsay, and in the last A-Main it was Borschel who took the win ahead of Mark and Gergö Valent. Adam Izsay was watching the race from the sideline after he had already secured the overall victory in A2. The Hobbywing Frontwheel podium saw race winner Adam Izsay in between second placed Roman Borschel and third placed Mark Valent.

Winner B-Main: Adam Southgate (GB)
Winner C-Main: Max Weffers (DE)
Winner D-Main: Marcel Mauß (DE)
Winner E-Main: Dave Lunenburg (NL)
Winner F-Main: Laurent Esseiva (CH)
Winner G-Main: Rob Kuijper (NL)
Winner H-Main: Alexander Schaffer (DE)
Winner I-Main: Mark Burgess (GB)
Winner J-Main: Stephane Lavigne (FR)
Winner K-Main: Marcel van Gog (NL)
Winner L-Main: James Dom (DE)

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Kölbel wins A3 to secure second overall, Myrberg jumps onto the podium as well

The last A-Main of the 40+ Masters class went to René Kölbel. The Xray driver secured second overall behind his race winning teammate David Ehrbar, while Ulrich Dinger threw away a second place in A3 with two laps to go. Andreas Myrberg and Caspar Morgen took second and third in the last final. The overall podium saw race winner David Ehrbar (Xray) flanked by second placed René Kölbel, and third place driver Andreas Myrberg (Iris).

Winner B-Main: Markku Sepäälä (FI)
Winner C-Main: Peter Birch (DK)
Winner D-Main: Laurent Esseiva (CH)
Winner E-Main: Armin Stütz (DE)
Winner F-Main: David Foxwell (GB)

Orca 21.5 Stock

Bergheim and Gehrig securing the podium in A3

Tristan Bergheim won the last A-Main of the Orca 21.5 Stock class. Berhgeim had a clean race and behind him it was Jan Gehrig in second place, followed by Florian Müller, Jonas Wiese, and Dominic Esseiva. Race winner Phil Langner (Awesomatix) watched the race from the side line and stepped onto the podium with Tristan Bergheim (Awesomatix) and Jan Gehrig (Xray)

Winner B-Main: Nadine Zühlke (DE)
Winner C-Main: Ben Nukicic (DE)
Winner D-Main: Svantje Ratheisky (DE)

PosDriverCountryChassisMotorESCBatteryBody ShellServo1Phil LangnerDEAwesomatix A800ROrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 5100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7SRT 80152Tristan BergheimDEAwesomatix A800ROrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 5100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7A800RMKS HBL575SL3Jan GehrigDEXray X4-2024Orca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 5100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7Futaba4Dominic EsseivaDEOrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETS5Jan VoglerDEAwesomatix A800ROrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSIntellect 7000Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7Power HD S156Florian MüllerDEAwesomatix A800ROrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 5100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7SRT7Jonas WieseDEXray X4-2023Orca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSGens Ace 5800Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7A800RPower HD Storm 78Elena FuchsDEXray X4-2024Orca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 5100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7Futaba9Robert KampehlDESchumacher Mi8Orca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSIntellect 5900Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7SRT10Kai GerhardtDKXray X4-2024Orca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSLRP 6100Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7SRT11Timo SiebertDEMugen Seiki MTC-2ROrca ETS 21.5TOrca ETSEAM 5000Zoo Racing Wolverine 0.7AbsimaClick HERE to see the overall results of the 21.5 Stock class

ToniSport Formula

Stiebler, Ratheisky, and Ehrbar – the Formula top dogs on the podium

Jan Ratheisky won the last Formula A-Main here in Daun. David Ehrbar and Willy Voisangrin took second and third. The overall podium of the ToniSport Formula class was once again occupied by three of the best Formula racers on the planet – Andreas Stiebler, Jan Ratheisky, and David Ehrbar!

Winner B-Main: Jeremy Limoges (FR)
Winner C-Main: Björn Keller (DE)
Winner D-Main: Emely Ratheisky (DE)
Winner E-Main: Marlon Ratheisky (DE)

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