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Entry, pit, track and parking information for upcoming Silver State

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Main Photo: Entry, pit, track and parking information for upcoming Silver State

By Aaron Waldron

Press release from The Dirt Racing:

With the new Silver State Indoor Race coming up soon, there are many questions as to the ins and outs of how its all going to happen!  The Dirt team has been working with the hotel/casino to coordinate and figure out how to make this race the best it can be! Neither group has ever put on a race in a hotel/casino so there will be a learning curve I’m sure lol.  The Dirt Team does not have all of the answers and we will figure some things out as we go through the race weekend. I hope we can make it as fun as possible and provide great racing as well as iron out any kinks along the way.  With your help and understanding that we are treading new ground, I think we can make it awesome!! Here are a few updates and info for the event:

There will be indoor track side pitting available with electricity, tables and chairs provided.  There are no E-Z Ups allowed indoors per the fire marshal (bring extension cords). Race flags and side skirt banners are okay.

There will be outdoor pitting available and it is located right outside the track roll up doors just a few feet from the track.  There will be electricity available and E-Z Ups are permitted outdoors. You will need to bring your own tables and chairs and everything you would normally bring for outdoor pitting if you are pitting outside. I still would bring a generator!

Racers will be able to drive behind the hotel to the Priefert Pavilion where the track is located and drop off all of your race gear for both indoor and outdoor pitting.  You can then park your vehicle in the parking garage or in the dirt parking area located next to the outdoor pit area (limited space first come first serve). You can also just check into the hotel with your gear and then bring it to the track from your room!! lol

As for parking small race trailers indoors: I have the okay for a limited amount of small race trailers to park inside the track area. When I get there on Monday, I will be able to update this with more information as to load in times, etc.

The hotel does NOT allow any camping on the premises at any time. They are very serious about this. Also, there are no pets allowed in the track area as well as no coolers with food and drinks. They want you to use the provided food vendors that will be available at the track. I’m sure if you are discrete it won’t be a big issue just don’t bring in ice chests, etc.

The discounted rooms were available until my room block sold out…and it sold out. They allowed me to increase it twice so that was nice. That is a good thing as it shows that this R/C event group has a great following and will allow us to better negotiate our agreement for next year!  Thank you for booking the rooms quickly and using the event code THE0503.  If you need to book a room, there are rooms still available, just not at the discounted rate. Please use the code THE0503 so the event can be sure to get credit for the rooms!! The hotel will be broadcasting (I’m 90% sure) the event in your hotel room!

We are using the horse arena dirt that is already there in the pavilion.  It is really clean dirt so the horses don’t get rocks and debris stuck in their hooves.  I have never used it before so I am not sure how it will groove up but I’m excited to see. We will be watering during quals and mains to keep it together and to keep the dust down. There is a limited supply of dirt in the pavilion and we cannot add additional foreign dirt to it so we are limited to how much dirt we have!  I will try and make the most of it!!!! As this is the first year, I think I will have more say in the amount of dirt next year.

There will be two tracks running at the same time!! 1:5th scale and 1:8th scale! It’s going to be loud and crazy fun.  Bring earplugs.  It will be a great way to expose the thousands of people who are staying at the hotel coming to watch the races as well as all of the people who we have advertised to with our hotel  video marquee sign that will be coming to watch the amazingly awesome R/C car races!!  Thank you Cory Drachenberg for the video. All of our event sponsors are also advertised on the video marquee that every driver on the 15 freeway as well as Las Vegas Blvd will see!

We thank all of you for coming to the New Silver State Indoor Race and we really are excited about the possibilities here!  This very well could be the new premiere international indoor event at such an awesome venue and in an amazing place…LAS VEGAS!! There are entries available and we will be taking entries at the venue as long as we have not reached capacity. We are trying to be finished early enough on Sat. night to be able to have a driver’s social and go to Supercross!!

We would like to thank the event partners:

  • Proline Racing
  • Savox Racing
  • Team SR
  • Mugen Seiki
  • Nitro Pro Fuel
  • San Tan Ford
  • A Main Hobbies
  • MKS Servos
  • Indy R/C World

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