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Leisure Hours Raceway looking for a new home

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Main Photo: Leisure Hours Raceway looking for a new home

By Mike Garrison

Announcement from Leisure Hours Raceway:

Leisure Hours Raceway opened in December 2005 it was constructed to promote radio control car racing year-round in all forms nitro, electric, offroad and onroad. LHR also has done oval 1/5th scale, 1/8th scale, rock racing, rock crawling, and drone racing.

With the current state of our industry, the Hill family has accepted an offer to sell the property at 2800 Schweitzer Road in Joliet. This decision was made based on the offer vs. the tracks inability to keep up with the monthly overhead costs.

Over the last 3-5 years, the RC Racing industry has seen a decrease in attendance and participation. Also the internet, manufacturers (they know who they are) sponsoring racers, lower margins on parts we sell, and our inability to get new products when they are available. Have hurt our ability to sell and stock products customers want. Most tracks depend on sales of car kits, parts and vending sales to cover the overhead. Most tracks cannot survive on entry fee's alone. (Please read a moment from Mike featured article on Live RC dated 2 JAN 19)

We recognize the manufacturers and distributors that support our store and track and we appreciate them. We also appreciate our loyal staff and customers; we could never have made it this long without them.

The Schweitzer Road facility will be closing but LHR will be looking for a new home. The rock crawling course will remain open. As it is on a separate piece of property. The last day of operations for LHR will be Saturday, March 16, Please see our schedule at

The Plainfield store will stay open promoting all types of hobbies and radio control racing as it has been for the last 46 years. We made a lot of friends over the years and appreciate all their support.

Thank You for all your patronage,
Leisure Hours Hobbies & Raceway

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