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New Schelle Racing AE Carbon Wing Buttons, Rear Sway Bar, and TLR Wing Shim

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Main Photo: New Schelle Racing AE Carbon Wing Buttons, Rear Sway Bar, and TLR Wing Shim

By Mike Garrison

Press Release from Schelle Racing:

B6.1 / B74 Duo Carbon Wing Button, RC8B3.1 / T3.1 Duo Carbon Wing Button, TLR 8X 10mm Wing Shim 

4 new products release today for 10th scale Associated and 8th scale buggies by Associated, Mugen Seiki , and TLR.

First, secure your rear wing in style with the SCH1435 B6.1 / B74 Duo Carbon Wing Button from Schelle.  Borrowing the signature hex profile from our Asterisk wing button line, the Duo is direct bolt-on 1 pc. part. 

  • Precision CNC Routed 2.5mm Carbon.
  • Flush countersunk for mount screws (screws not included).
  • Light, easy to install, and looks great.
  • Use it as a jig to make and pre-drill your wing.
  • Fits B6.1, B74, B6 series, B64 or B64D and basically all recent Associated 10th scales.

Secondly, the big brother SCH1436 Duo Carbon Wing Button for RC8B3.1 and Mugen MBX-8 series is beefed up and direct fits both the buggy and truggy Associated and Mugen Seiki platforms.  2.5mm Carbon Fiber and flush countersunk.

Third, for the TLR 8ight-X buggy we have the SCH1446 TLR 8-X 10mm Wing Shim and Screws.   Raise the rear wing up higher 10mm into cleaner air for more rear grip (and better jumping attitude).   Fits TLR 8X and 8Xe buggy modification required, just attach the wing with the longer 25mm screws included.

Lastly, for the Team Associated RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.1e is SCH1447 RC8B3.1 Rear Swaybar 2.35mm.   Developed for both electric and nitro RC8B3.1 series buggies, the 2.35mm rear swaybar is used on the latest setups giving you the advantage and quick steering response of a shorter upper link on the rear suspension.     Running the suspension more reactive with a thinner bar is overall a more productive combination for good rear traction and fast cornering.

  • Quality symmetric bends for a direct fit.
  • Made from quality 2.35mm K&S Music Wire
  • Fits RC8B3.1, 3.1e, and older RC8B3 versions


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