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New West Coast R/C Works on-road servo setup tools

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Main Photo: New West Coast R/C Works on-road servo setup tools

By Mike Garrison

Press Release from West Coast R/C Works:

We are excited to announce our new product line of Servo Setup Tools for Touring and Pan Cars.

Usually the servo position and angle of the servo-horn or servo-safer are set with the eye balling method. This method usually results in inaccurate servo position and incorrect servo horn angle.

Our Servo Setup tools are designed to counter this problem and introduce a high repeatability of the servo setup process of today’s R/C cars. They have been designed to work with most servo horns and servo safer of on and off-road R/C cars on the market.


The 1/8 and 1/10 Servo Straight Edge and Pan-Car Servo Straight Edge are designed to be used with a protractor or other measuring tools to set the correct servo trim. This will result in an increased repeatability of this process. Now you can prepare several servos for one R/C car to be used during fast repairs at big events and don’t have to worry that the servo trim needs to be reset. 

The Pan-Car Servo Setup System is composed of 2 Pan-Car Servo Centering Tools and 1 Servo Straight Edge. This Servo Setup System contains all necessary parts to install your servo in the center and set the desired angle.

The Pan-Car Servo Centering Tool is designed to help installing the servo in the correct position in your pan car, this improves the repeatability of this process.


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