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Rocket-powered RC car set new world record [VIDEO]

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Main Photo: Rocket-powered RC car set new world record [VIDEO]



By Aaron Waldron

From the Daily Mail:

Back on May 4, British hobbyist Tony Lovering drove into the record books with a 210.11 mph pass behind the wheel of his custom-built, rocket-powered racer at Gwynedd airfield in Llanbedr, North Wales. The Daily Mail in the UK covered the story, which you can read on their site here:

Land speed record claimed at Gwynedd airfield
By David Powell - May 4, 2016

Success at last for Tony Lovering and Stuart Mutch at Llanbedr after model car topped 210mph

Enthusiasts are celebrating after their model car beat the world land speed record, reaching over 200mph.

After several attempts in Llanbedr the Black Hybrid Knight scorched past the previous record at a speed of 210.11mph.

The previous record, held by Nic Case of the United States, was 202.02mph.

Tony Lovering, who set the new record with fellow enthusiast Stuart Mutch, said: “We’re really pleased.”

The record is still subject to confirmation by Guinness World Records.

On Tuesday, the pair had narrowly failed to clinch their place in the record books by just 1.5mph.

But they were sure the car was capable of beating the record.

Mr Lovering, 57, said: “We’re very pleased. We got to 210.11mph. A westerly side wind was pushing the cars off line yesterday.

“Today it was southerly and blowing from behind. Not enough to give the cars significant help but they were able to run in a straight line.”

He added: “We could have gone a bit faster but it’s close enough (past the old record) for other guys to have a go. If they beat it we will have another go ourselves.”

Mr Lovering and Mr Mutch are applying to Guinness World Records for their record bid to be validated by sending a video and other information.

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