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XRAY's Pyle won Stock Buggy at Light It Up Blue Autism Benefit Race

Race Results


Main Photo: XRAY's Pyle won Stock Buggy at Light It Up Blue Autism Benefit Race

By Aaron Waldron

Race report from XRAY:

Race report by Matthew Pyle

Qualifying was good, and I was really able to push my buggies to the limit. Round 1 was basically practice. I qualified 4th in Stock 2wd buggy and 3rd in Mod 4wd Buggy. Round 2 was better for 2wd, but worse for 4wd. I took the TQ in Stock 2wd Buggy by 0.250 or something like that, but I fell to 5th in 4wd Buggy after a poor run by me.

The mains were great! Stock 2wd Buggy was a neck-to-neck 3 way battle between myself, Robert Reynolds, and Michael Walker. I just put in consistent laps and kept my car on the racing line and squeaked out the win! That's probably the hardest single race I've driven in. 4wd was awesome, I just let my buggy down. I had the speed to win, I just made way too many mistakes. I got up to 3rd at one point, but fell back to 5th and finished there. I was satisfied with that result, seeing as I had a 13.5 in my XB4 (and was the only 13.5 in the main).

Podium 17.5 2WD Buggy

  1. Matthew Pyle - XRAY XB2
  2. Michael Walker
  3. Bobby Reynolds

Thanks to my sponsors for giving me solid equipment to race with! XRAY, RC America, BoomRC, Thor Designs, and Mom and Dad.

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