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2020 Beach RC Masters of Dirt Results

Race Results



Press Release From Beach RC:

Congratulations to Dustin Evans and AJ Marasco on becoming the 2020 Masters of Dirt, check out the full results here.

Mod Buggy: TQ and 1st Dustin Evans, 2nd Spencer Rivkin, 3rd Dakotah Phend, 4th Ron Devoll, 5th Austin Horne
Mod 4wd Buggy: 1st Spencer Rivkin, 2nd and TQ Aydin Horne, 3rd Dakotah Phend, 4th Dustin Evans, 5th Tom Rinderknecht
Mod Stadium Truck: 1st Dustin Evans, 2nd and TQ Dakotah Phend, 3rd Aydin Horne, 4th Spencer Rivkin, 5th Ron Devoll
Stock Buggy: TQ and 1st AJ Marasco, 2nd Nate Southerland, 3rd Brad Prenger, 4th Brennan Schimmel, 5th Kenny Setser
13.5 4wd Buggy: TQ and 1st AJ Marasco, 2nd Nate Southerland, 3rd Andrew Knapp, 4th Kyle Gough, 5th Ryan Harris
13.5 Stadium Truck: TQ and 1st AJ Marasco, 2nd Charlie Cavalier, 3rd Kyle Gough, 4th Alex Maclellan, 5th Max Cramer
Open 2wd Buggy: TQ and 1st Alex Sturgeon, 2nd Joey Crown, 3rd Alex Maclellan, 4th James VanHook, 5th Emmerson Sturgeon
Mini-Truggy: TQ and 1st Patrick Rossiter, 2nd Max Flurer, 3rd Corey McElveen, 4th Erric Irvin, 5th Matt Smith
40+ 2wd Buggy: 1st Brent Thielke, 2nd Al Horne, 3rd Rob Meyer Jr., 4th Paul Wynn, 5th Mike Sontag, TQ Alex Sturgeon
40+ 4wd Buggy: TQ and 1st Brent Thielke, 2nd Mike Sontag, 3rd Rob Meyer Jr., 4th Mark Unrath, 5th Thomas Tran
2wd Mod SC: 1st Chris Vanair, 2nd and TQ Ryan Harris, 3rd Dave McEwen, 4th Owen Simmons, 5th Ryker Haaksma
Novice: TQ and 1st Kyle McCoy, 2nd Dawn Bordeaux, 3rd Caleb McCoy, 4th Brenley Bordeaux, 5th Kiley Sloan

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