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2020 RC Pro 1/8th Final Round Results

Race Results



Press Release From The RC Pro Series:

Last weekend was the final round of the 2020 RC Pro Series held at Thornhill Racing Circuit, check out the top 5 in each class.

Pro Buggy: TQ and 1st Brandon Rose, 2nd Tyler Hooks, 3rd Ethan Lefebvre, 4th Phi-Long Nguyen, 5th Dillon Caldwell
Pro Ebuggy: 1st Brandon Rose, 2nd Tyler Hooks, 3rd Ethan Lefebvre, 4th and TQ Dillon Caldwell, 5th Jake French
Expert Truggy: 1st Spencer Klein, 2nd and TQ Tyler Hooks, 3rd Spencer Harrison, 4th Aaron Royston, 5th Wade Moore
Expert Etruggy: TQ and 1st Philo Hatch, 2nd Brian Henn, 3rd Josh Gibson, 4th Nick Vanderpool, 5th Mark Santa Maria
Open Buggy: TQ and 1st Brian Givens, 2nd Christopher West, 3rd Chris Puller, 4th Dean Vinson, 5th Thomas Hinton
Open Ebuggy: 1st Christopher West, 2nd and TQ Thomas Hinton, 3rd Conner Stingley, 4th Nick Vanderpool, 5th Andrew Tshekeche
40+ Buggy: TQ and 1st Billy Tylaska, 2nd Nick Vanderpool, 3rd Mike Battaile, 4th Kurt Wenger, 5th James Sublette
40+ Ebuggy: TQ and 1st Chris Allison, 2nd Jeff Pfeifer, 3rd Mark Morrow, 4th Nick Vanderpool, 5th Dean Vinson
Sportsman Nitro Buggy: TQ and 1st Colt Preston, 2nd Michael Avila, 3rd Dwayne Cloud, 4th Marco Fabbri, 5th Jim Clark
Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Michael Avila, 2nd Colt Preston, 3rd and TQ Michael Bruner, 4th Jason Lawrence, 5th Aaron Nyswonger
Intermediate Truggy: 1st Michael Bruner, 2nd and TQ Colt Preston, 3rd Dwayne Cloud, 4th Ronnie Gonzales, 5th Jim Clark
Intermediate Etruggy: TQ and 1st Mike Silva, 2nd Gabriel Martinez, 3rd John Keen, 4th Jason Faulkner, 5th Jason Reedy
Open 4wd: TQ and 1st Brent Jackson, 2nd Abid Hussain, 3rd Benjamin Hinojosa, 4th Philo Hatch, 5th John Keen
Future Champions: 1st George Gibson, 2nd Q-Tip, 3rd Pablo Tejada Jr., 4th Shawna Randahl, 5th JR Krenek

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