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2020 RC Pro North 1/8th Series R1 Results

Race Results



Press Release from RC Pro:

Check out the results from the first round of the 2020 RC Pro 1/8th North Series held at 452 Raceway this past weekend. 121 entries for the first 1/8th scale round post pandemic is awesome! Big thank you to everyone who attended the first round of the North Series at 452 raceway! Hope to see everyone in 2 weeks at Shaws Rc Track!

Pro Buggy: 1st Dillon Caldwell, TQ and 2nd Jake French, 3rd Brandon Rose, 4th Micah Smith, 5th Pablo Tejada
Pro Ebuggy: TQ and 1st Dillon Caldwell, 2nd Brandon Rose, 3rd Tyler Hooks, 4th Spencer Klein, 5th Aaron Royston
Expert Truggy: TQ and 1st Tyler Hooks, 2nd Spencer Klein, 3rd Wade Moore, 4th Santos Rodriguez, 5th Todd Geary
Expert Etruggy: TQ and 1st Josh Gibson, 2nd Philo Hatch, 3rd Mark Santa Maria, 4th Steve DeArmon, 5th Tim Massey
Open Nitro Buggy: 1st Todd Geary, 2nd and TQ Jonathan Phelps, 3rd Thomas Hinton, 4th Cedric Whitaker, 5th Gerald Dowden
Open Ebuggy: 1st Philo Hatch, 2nd Mark Santa Maria, 3rd Jonathan Phelps, 4th Santos Rodriguez, 5th Donnie Taylor
Intermediate Truggy: TQ and 1st Michael Bruner, 2nd Ronnie Gonzales, 3rd Timothy Lawrence
Intermediate Etruggy: TQ and 1st Dylan Huchewski, 2nd Ed Hinton, 3rd Mike Silva, 4th Will Schaule, 5th Justin Hasty
Sportsman Buggy: 1st Tony Teer, 2nd Jim Clark, 3rd and TQ Colt Preston, 4th Paul Schlebach, 5th Damon Thornton
Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Michael Bruner, 2nd Justin Phelps, 3rd Mike Silva, 4th Dylan Huchewski, 5th Jim Clark, TQ Colt Preston
40+ Buggy: 1st Santos Rodriguez, 2nd and TQ Keevin Sharp, 3rd Edwin Ortiz, 4th Eddie Garza, 5th Tony Teer
40+ Ebuggy: 1st Keevin Sharp, 2nd and TQ Edwin Ortiz, 3rd Steve DeArmon, 4th Damon Thornton, 5th Paul Schlebach
4wd Open: 1st Philo Hatch, 2nd Bryan Glorioso, 3rd Eddie Garza, 4th Andrew Tshekeche, 5th Will Schaule
Future Champs: TQ and 1st Evan Santa Maria, 2nd Ethan Santa Maria, 3rd Pablo Tejada Jr. 4th Ricky Gibson, 5th Corbyn Marrs

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