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2020 Wicked Weekend: Cavalieri and Phend are Champions

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Pro Nitro Buggy Results: 1. Ryan Cavalieri, 2. Dakotah Phend (TQ), 3. Ryan Maifield, 4. Cole Ogden, 5. Spencer Rivkin - Phend and Cavalieri broke away from the rest of the field and battled for the majority of the race, but Cavalieri would ultimately find his way to the front and hang on for the win over Phend. Maifield would run a fairly lonely race in 3rd with Cole Ogden and Spencer Rivkin battling hard at the end to catch up but ultimately ending with the 4th and 5th place spots.

Pro Nitry Truggy Results: 1. Dakotah Phend (TQ), 2. Ryan Maifield, 3. Ryan Cavalieri, 4. Spencer Rivkin, 5. Cole Ogden - Dakotah Phend would take a less stressful win in this one with Maifield battling hard to catch up but coming up short. Cavalieri would finish 3 seconds back in 3rd with Rivkin and Ogden finishing 4th and 5th.

Pro E-Buggy Results: 1. Dakotah Phend (TQ), 2. Ryan Cavalieri, 3. Spencer Rivkin, 4. Jared Wiggins, 5. Jackson Brunson - Phend would again take quiet wins in A1 and A2 with Cavalieri fairly far ahead of the rest of the field in 2nd. Rivkin and Wiggins would both finish with 3rd place results but Rivkin had a faster tie breaker giving him 3rd with Wiggins 4th and Brunson 5th.

40+ Nitro Buggy Results: 1. D.J. Hepler (TQ), 2. Richard Saxton, 3. Kevin Bullock, 4. Mike Sontag, 5. Kawri Brown
40+ E-Buggy Results: 1. D.J. Hepler (TQ), 2. Dave Duncan, 3. Corey McElveen, 4. Carl Lebo, 5. T.J. Bradley
15U Junior E-Buggy Results: 1. Tater Sontag (TQ), 2. Cade Burnette, 3. Franklin Ratliff, 4. Anthony Long, 5. Ryder Trotter
15U Junior Nitro Buggy Results: 1. Cade Burnette (TQ), 2. Ryan Daze, 3. Adam Congreve, 4. Lane Deming, 5. Hayes Melton
Intermediate Nitro Buggy Results: 1. Cameron Saxon (TQ), 2. Daniel Chavez, 3. Chandler Setzer, 4. Kevin Bullock, 5. Ryan Daze
Intermediate Nitro Truggy Results: 1. Michael Kramer, 2. Logan Cowick, 3. Ryan Daze, 4. Tim Hobbs, 5. Camden Lee, TQ Cade Burnette
Intermediate E-Buggy Results: 1. Cade Burnette (TQ), 2. Brad Collins, 3. Chandler Setzer, 4. Shane Barrier, 5. Cameron Saxton
Sportsman Nitro Buggy Results: 1. Adam Congreve (TQ), 2. Michael Kuntz, 3. Greg Simpson, 4. Dustin Pratt, 5. Bermie
Sportsman Nitro Truggy Results: 1. Jacob Savage, 2. Nate Rogers (TQ), 3. Travis Melton, 4. Jonathan Henson, 5. Russell Skipper
Sportsman E-Buggy Results: 1. Dustin Pratt, 2. Brock Ratliff, 3. Brendan Webster, 4. Lane Deming, 5. Brandon White
4WD Open SCT Results: 1. Tyler Noon (TQ), 2. Joshua Vicidomini, 3. Bradly Major, 4. Ryder Trotter, 5. Ryan Goyette
E-Truggy Results: 1. Brad Collins (TQ), 2. Wil Alameida, 3. Chandler Setzer, 4. Joshua Vicidomini, 5. Dave Fowler

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