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2021/22 XRS On-Road Poland Round 2 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report by Michal Milanowicz

This past weekend held the 2nd round of XRS Milansport Poland where drivers from 4 countries attend including Poland. We had drivers from Slovakia, Czech and Romania making the 2nd round an international race.

On Saturday there was 5 qualification rounds to see who will take the TQ in each class and on Sunday there was 3 final runs.

In TC Modified Karel and Michal showed some great skill and how well the new XRAY X4 handles this class in medium grip conditions.

Modified results:

  1. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
  2. Michal Wojcik - XRAY X4

TC Stock 13,5T was again the most popular class with 24 drivers. Karel Kratochvil took the TQ and was trying to bring home the win, but Arkadiusz Smyk was right behind him and pushing all the time. Arek managed to win the Stock class in front of Karel. For the 3rd spot it was a nice fight and with great speed Adrina managed to pump up on the 3rd spot from 5 starting position.

TC 13,5 results:

  1. Arkadiusz Smyk - Tamiya
  2. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
  3. Adrian Lippich - Yokomo

In junior division it was Pawel as the fastest one. Big congrats for the junior drivers as they showed some great performance and fair play behavior.

  1. Pawel Miasek – XRAY
  2. Wiktor Wasikowski – Tamiya
  3. Maja Borek – XRAY

The new TC FWD class is growing and taking interest above drivers. We had 6 drivers in this class. The TQ went to Mateusz and he was able to convert it into win. It was a great fight for the second spot but with bad luck for Michal it was Piotr who managed to take the 2nd place.

FWD results:

  1. Mateusz Bania – XRAY
  2. Piotr Jedrzejko – Xpress
  3. Michal Bugajski – XRAY

F1 class is always a nice class to watch how the drivers are able to control the rear driver cars. Michal Wojcik had the TQ and was able to take the Win, showing how well he knows his car and how to drive it. Behind Michal it was a fight between Libor and Ladislav from Czech. They both tried to gain up to Michal and at the same time fight for the second spot. It was Ladislav who took the 2nd place in front of Libor.

Formula results:

  1. Michal Wojcik - XRAY
  2. Ladislav Holasek - XRAY
  3. Libor Holub - XRAY

GT10 a 1/10 Pan Class had 5 drivers. Libor Holub took the TQ and win in front of Lukasz and Wojtek. Michał was starting from 2nd spot, but some bad luck costed him the podium.

GT results:

  1. Libor Holub – Corally
  2. Lukasz Olenczak – XRAY
  3. Wojciech Bukryj – XRAY

The fastest class was like always the 1/12 Pan Car. On front was Arek Smyk with TQ and was able to win first two finals and taking the overall win. So it was a fight for the 2nd spot in the last final. Adrian Turek was able to take the 2nd spot in front of Marek who finished 3rd.

1/12 Pan car results:

  1. Arkadiusz Smyk – CRC
  2. Adriand Turek – Schumacher
  3. Marek Lubanski – XRAY

1/12 GT class was fun to watch as it turned out differently then everyone expected. Marceli had the TQ but didn’t managed to convert it into Win, some minor technical problems didn’t allow him to fight for the win. Przemyslaw was the Winner in front of Michał and Adam.

1/12GT results:

  1. Przemyslaw Wicher – Schumacher
  2. Michal Adamski – XRAY
  3. Adam Bogdon – Associated

The E14 Truck class had a great fight in the front where the TQ Milan fought with Aleksander for the overall win. Aleksander was able to keep the speed and take home the win. Milan was 2nd and Paulina advanced to 3rd place from 4th.

  1. Aleksander Spyra
  2. Milan Hrkel
  3. Paulina Olenczak
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