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2022 Visions Off-Road RC Championships

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Current Event

2022 Visions Off-Road RC Championships

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$30,000 R/C Race at Visions Off-Road in Jay, OK

Press Releases


Visions Off-Road

LiveRC is excited to announce a major off-road R/C race that will be part of the Visions Off-Road event, hosted at beautiful MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, Oklahoma. The event will take place on July 14-16, 2022. Entries will open in a few days with more information to follow. Full details can be found in the V1 report below.

For the complete V1 event report (in PDF form), please CLICK HERE to download.

Confirmed Pro Drivers:

Ryan Maifield
Ty Tessmann
Dakotah Phend
Spencer Rivkin
Joe Bornhorst
Ryan Cavalieri
Cole Ogden
...more to follow!

About the Event - Visions Off-Road

Visions Off-Road is a massive off-road festival taking place over 5 days at MidAmerica Outdoors - an absolutely beautiful facility located on 1,600 acres in Jay, Oklahoma. Various major events are held all within the confines of one event, including (but not limited to) NRRA hill climbs, Ultra4 racing, MAO Short Course racing, demo derby, bull riding and fighting, straight rhythm racing, pit bike races, and of course - R/C Car Racing! Aside from the races, this event provides endless fun for spectators, participants, and family. Enjoy nightly live music, an on-site water park, tons of vendors, an on-site restaurant, clean restrooms and hot showers, on-site camping, and more. The R/C track is located right in the heart of the facility, next to the waterpark and between the short course track and Ultra4 track. Thousands of people attend this event, and every one of them will be watching professional R/C racing at its finest.

More info at:

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.13.00 PM.png

About the Facility - MidAmerica Outdoors

MidAmerica Outdoors is America’s premiere off-road park. This is not just a chunk of land with some tracks - it is a beautifully developed destination facility just an hour from Tulsa, OK with on-site amenities such as full camping hook-ups, a waterpark for camping visitors, clean restrooms with hot showers, on-site rental cabins, a beautiful on-site pro shop with full restaurant and coffee shop, bleachers and seating for thousands of pectators around each track, meticulously maintained grounds, and more.

More info at:

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.13.23 PM.png

About the R/C Event

It has long been an aspiration of the LiveRC crew to put on a major R/C car race in conjunction with another major motorsports event. This not only makes the event more fun for the R/C racers, but it helps grow the R/C hobby to like-minded motorsports fans who may not have been introduced to what serious R/C car racing is. On top of this, LiveRC wanted an event and facility that would allow for a large enough production team to produce an awesome live show that is free for everyone to watch via LiveRC, YouTube, and Facebook. Once the event is over, all of the footage will be compiled into a special “made for TV” type show about the event.

After years of talking to TV executives, we have heard over and over that R/C racing needs a “WOW” factor to appeal to the masses, and this can be done in the form of a large cash prize. We have seen how effective this is first hand with the notoriety that R/C drag races receive that have a large cash prize. With that in mind, we are proud to be working with MidAmerica Outdoors and the Visions Off-Road event to bring a $30,000 prize purse to off-road R/C car racing.

With that in mind, the invite class is quite limited - one heat of 15 spots, but only 11 drivers are invited. The other 4 spots will be available to the Open Nitro Buggy TQ in each round (3 drivers), and the overall TQ (1 driver)! All open class drivers who advance to invite will win a cash bonus equal to the 1st place prize of the open class, and then advance to invite and get to battle it out with the stars of our sport and a shot at the cash purse!

The R/C Track

Construction on the R/C track area has already begun. The track will be located in the heart of the facility, right next to the on-site cabins and waterpark area. Bleacher seating will be available for spectators, as well as standing room around the track behind safety fencing. The driver stand will be 40’ long - enough to host 15 driver races. The track itself is being designed and built by Joey Christiansen and The Dirt crew, so you know it will have some exciting features! The shape of the track is much like Thunder Alley in Beaumont, CA, with a sweeping left front area and an elevated back section for plenty of cool step-ups, step-downs, and elevation changes. Pictures of the track area will be posted as soon as construction is complete.


Pitting will be available near the R/C track, with a large tent available for racers who travel in, and places for EZ-Ups, race teams, and event sponsors. Racers who choose to pit out of their RV or trailer are welcome to do so. RV and trailer parking is a little bit of a walk from the R/C track, but a fixed entry limit, pre-published time table, and live online results through LiveRC will ensure that you know exactly when you are up to race.


Racing will take place from 8am to 8pm to ensure you have ample time to enjoy the evening festivities at the event. An entry count of 360 racers will be strictly enforced. Racers may arrive as early as Tuesday to set up and enjoy the event’s other festivities, such as a rodeo with bull riding and bullfighting that takes place on Wednesday. Sunday is move out day, with no racing taking place.

Thursday: 3 rounds of controlled practice
Friday: 3 rounds of qualifying
Saturday: Main events with 12 drivers in each + 3 bumps

Entry Fees/Costs

Entry fees are $50 per class. A wristband to enter the Visions Off-Road event is required and is $150. The wristband includes access to every event at Visions, including but not limited to on-site amenities such as showers, all food/vendor areas and on-site restaurants, the rodeo, Ultra4 races, short course races, hill climbs, access to live music concerts every night from major recording artists (artists to be announced soon) and more. Camping and on-site cabins are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cabins are limited, so book early. There are a lot of camp-sites with power hookups available, but these also sell out quickly with tens of thousands ofpeople coming in. We highly recommend that you book these EARLY. If you do not want to camp, there are hotels located within 20 minutes of the event. Group rates are being worked on and will be published soon. Camping is available and is a flat fee for the entire week. You can arrive and camp starting on Tuesday and stay until Sunday. The event ends Saturday night with live music and festivities. Camping spots with full RV power and water hookups are $750 for the week. Dry camping spots for RV’s and trailers without power hookups are $300 for the week. Open prairie camping is $200 for the week. A very limited set of cabin rentals are also available on site. Cabins and RV spots with hookups will sell out quickly, so we recommend booking as soon as possible. You can reserve your spots at:

These camping spots go on sale to the public at 1pm CST on April 15. If you are planning to race and want to register early, please email immediately for an early access code.

Classes and Entry Limit

There will be a 360 entry limit to make up 24 races per round of 15 drivers, with a 2 class per driver limit. This will ensure we can stay on a timetable to allow you to enjoy the rest of this amazing event while giving you enough time throughout the day to enjoy some of the other event festivities. You cannot mix between open and sportsman classes. Invite Nitro Buggy will consist of 11 drivers by invitation only, however 4 open class drivers will have the opportunity to join the invite class for the main events. Classes are as follows:

Invite Nitro Buggy
Open Nitro Buggy
Open E-Buggy
Sportsman Nitro Buggy
Sportsman E-Buggy

Race Registration

Race registration will be done through LiveRC and is planned to open on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 12:00pm CST. Registration will be available to everyone until Friday, April 22, 2022 at 12:00 CST. All entries must be prepaid. If over 360 entries are completed in that window, entries will then be put into a pool with 360 entries being pulled out (drivers in 2 classes will get to race both classes). Any drivers who do not make the final list will be immediately refunded within 48 hours and remain on the list as alternates if other drivers back out. A press release with more information on how to sign up will be posted on LiveRC prior to registration opening.

Prize Money

Prize money is set aside for the open and invite classes, with the opportunity for anyone in the open class to advance to compete for the larger cash purse in the invite class. Sportsman classes will be focused around keeping the event and racing fun without the added competition and stress of racing for money.

The invite class will race 3 main events, with each main counting towards the overall result. More information is available in the “Race Format” section of this document.

Invite Overall Finish Purse

1st Place $5,000
2nd Place $3,000
3rd Place $2,000
4th Place $1,500
5th Place $1,000

Open Nitro and Open E-Buggy Payouts Purse

1st Place $1,000
2nd Place $600
3rd Place $400

Bonus Payouts Purse

LiveRC Clean Sweep Bonus (win all 3 main events in invite) $5,000
LiveTime Invite Main Event Winner (bonus for individual winner of each main) $1,500
Open Class TQ’s (the TQ of each round, and the overall, of open nitro buggy qualifying advances to invite and gets a cash bonus) $1,000

Race Format

Racing will consist of a max of 24 races (per round) with 15 drivers in each race. The actual number of races per class will be determined once registration closes.

Sportsman/Open Classes: Practice will consist of 3 rounds of controlled practice. The first round is free practice. The second and third rounds will be used as seeding rounds for qualifying, using the best 2 or 3 (depending on lap times) consecutive laps to seed qualifiers. Qualifying will consist of 3 rounds using qual points. The best 2 rounds seed the main event. Main events will use traditional “letter” mains, with 12 drivers in each main event and 3 bumps.

Open Class TQ’s: Each round of open class qualifying will run prior to each round of invite qualifying. The top qualifier of each round of open will immediately advance to the invite class. After qualifying is done, the remaining top qualifier (who didn’t win a round) will also advance to invite. The TQ of open class round 1 will advance to invite in time to race all 3 invite qualifiers. The TQ of open class round 2 will miss the first invite qualifier and will receive 13th position for that race, but they will get to race in the invite qualifier rounds 2 and 3. The TQ of open class round 3 will miss the first 2 rounds of invite qualifying and will receive 14th position for those races, but will get to race round 3 of invite qualifying. The overall TQ of the open class using best 2 of 3 rounds (with drivers who advanced to invite already not being counted) will miss the first 2 rounds of invite qualifying and will receive 15th position for those races, but will get to race round 3 of invite qualifying. All open class drivers who advance to invite will race all 3 main events and start in their finishing position from each invite qualifying round. The TQ of each round of open class qualifying, as well as the overall TQ, will be required to advance to invite and will receive an award for their advancement. All drivers in open who are eligible to advance are required to advance to the invite class. These four drivers will receive a prize purse bonus for advancing that is equal to 1st place payout of the open class. NOTE: The qual points earned for TQ’ing a round is 0 points. The TQ will advance to invite, but 2nd place in that round will not receive first place points.

Invite Class: Invite will have 4 rounds of practice on Thursday. The first round will be a “media” round, with media members allowed on track for photos and close-up videos. Drivers will be required to have painted bodies for this session. Drivers should drive at reduced speeds and be careful of media members on track. The next 3 rounds will be standard practice rounds. A final round of invite practice will take place Friday morning. For qualifying, 3 rounds of heads-up, lap count racing will take place on Friday. The number of laps will be determined based on lap times and will be equal to approximately 5 minutes. Each driver will start each qualifying round in different positions; once toward the front, once mid pack, and once in the back. The first qualifying round will seed main event #1, the second qualifying round will seed main event #2, and the third qualifying round will seed main event #3. Main events will be a lap count race, with the actual lap count determined based on lap times to equal approximately 18 minutes (ideally 2 pit stops for everyone). The overall winner will be calculated by combining race points from all 3 races. Race points will be calculated as follows:

Position: Points

1: 25
2: 22
3: 20
4: 18
5: 16
6: 15
7: 14
8: 13
9: 12
10: 11
11: 10
12: 9
13: 8
14: 7
15: 6

The Staff

In an effort to bring the best possible event for the racers, we are working to bring in experienced people to run the event. Building and maintaining the track will be Joey Christiansen and The Dirt crew. Producing the live show will be the LiveRC staff. Your event MC and crowd entertainer will be Scotty Ernst. The race director to keep things on schedule is Jimmy Babcock. The lead tech person to keep racing fair is Shawn Miller.


The nearest airports are XNA in Northwest Arkansas (one hour from the park), or Tulsa International Airport (hour and a half from MAO). If you do not want to camp on-site, the nearest hotels are available approximately 20 minutes away in Grove, Oklahoma. Other metro areas within an hour of the park include Siloam Springs, AR/OK, Miami OK, Northwest Arkansas (Springdale, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers), and Joplin Missouri and offer many lodging options. Group rates at a host hotel are being worked on right now. More information will be published with hotels and rates soon.

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