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Clarification from Tamiya America on future of TRF brand

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Main Photo: Clarification from Tamiya America on future of TRF brand

By Aaron Waldron

Press release from Tamiya America:
The future of the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) brand.
In recent weeks, there has been much speculation regarding the well-established Tamiya “TRF” brand. 

In 2017 the future of TRF is going in an entirely new direction. Up until now, Tamiya used TRF to promote its high-end race machines. Select top drivers from around the world were put under contract to attend major R/C races across the globe. The purpose of this strategy was to simply win major races in the open classes, such as ETS, The Reedy Race of Champions, the IFMAR World Championships, and countless other prestigious events to establish a premium brand image for TRF. This direction has been in effect as far back as 1999 with select drivers from the USA and later with drivers from European countries. 
After winning many World Titles and various prestigious events across the globe, the initial goal has been achieved and a new direction is needed to put the TRF brand to better use. Namely, the TRF brand will help Tamiya expand its main business moving forward, which is the beginner and the middle level hobbyist. Without question, TRF products help Tamiya develop amazing machines. The design and function of those products trickle-down to many of its entry level and mid-level products. This is why the TRF brand is important to Tamiya and will continue to be important as we move into a new direction in promoting the brand. 
By the end of 2016, all contracts with top drivers will expire. For the above reasons, Tamiya has decided not to renew or make any new contracts in the way they have been doing so in the past. In lieu of what has been done, new TRF activities will begin to take shape beginning in 2017, including what we do in the USA. Exact details on how TRF will exist globally and what those activities will be are still being planned and formulated. 
Lastly, rumors about Tamiya stopping its TRF brand and activities have been circulating within the hobby racing community. However, our most devoted fans must rest assured that Tamiya will continue the development of its TRF products and its activities, albeit in a different way. Details on the exact execution will be made known in the coming months. Until then, we look forward to this new direction and how it will better correlate with our main business in the USA.
Fred Medel
Tamiya America, Inc.
Marketing Manager  
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