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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Former winners of the Dirt Nitro Challenge

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Main Photo: FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Former winners of the Dirt Nitro Challenge

By Aaron Waldron 

Everybody knows that Friday is meant for reminiscing old times. Each week we take you back in time as we flashback to some of R/C racing's greatest moments, products, drivers, and more!
Flashback: 2000
Richard Saxton won Pro Nitro Buggy at the inaugural Dirt Nitro Challenge

The new millenium brought with it the return of a major nitro off-road race to the West Coast - specifically Hemet, California - when the first Dirt Nitro Challenge drew some of the biggest stars in RC to compete on the big berms and flowing elevation changes of Joey Christensen's original The Dirt. The list of winners of the premier pro classes since then contains many of the most successful fuel racers on the planet - records that will contain three new entries by the event's completion Sunday evening.

Pro Nitro Buggy
YearDriverCarEngineTires2000Richard SaxtonThunder TigerRB/O'DonnellGRP2001 Chad BradleyKyoshoO.S.Pro-Line2002Richard Saxton Kyosho RB/O'DonnellGRP2003 Jeremy Kortz KyoshoO.S./O'DonnellPro-Line2004 Ryan Cavalieri KyoshoSirio Pro-Line2005 Jared Tebo KyoshoRB/O'Donnell GRP 2006 Taylor James Jammin'O.S. Pro-Line 2007 Mike Truhe Team Losi RacingNovarossi Pro-Line 2008 Ryan Cavalieri Team AssociatedTeam Orion Pro-Line 2009 Ryan Maifield Team AssociatedReedyJConcepts 2010 Ryan Cavalieri Team AssociatedTeam OrionPro-Line 2011 Jared Tebo KyoshoTeam Orion AKA 2012Ty Tessmann HB-HPI RacingO.S. Pro-Line 2013 Ryan Maifield Team AssociatedLRPJConcepts2014 Ty Tessmann HB-HPI RacingO.S. Pro-Line2015 Ryan Maifield Team Losi RacingTeam Orion JConcepts2016Ryan CavalieriTeam AssociatedMaxima/MxAKA
Pro Nitro Truck
YearDriverTruckEngine Tires 2006Chad BradleyMugen SeikiO.S.Pro-Line2007 Mike Truhe Team Losi RacingNovarossi Pro-Line 2008Ryan CavalieriKyosho Team Orion Pro-Line 2009 Ryan CavalieriTeam Associated Team Orion Pro-Line 2010 Ty TessmannHB-HPI RacingO.S.Pro-Line 2011 Jared TeboKyosho Team Orion AKA 2012 Ty TessmannHB-HPI RacingO.S.Pro-Line 2013 Ty TessmannHB-HPI RacingO.S.Pro-Line 2014 Ty TessmannHB-HPI RacingO.S.Pro-Line 2015David RonnefalkHB-HPI Racing Team Orion AKA 2016Ty TessmannHB-HPI Racing O.S.Pro-Line

Pro Electric Buggy

YearDriverCarMotor/ESCTires2009Chad BradleyJammin'/Tekno RCCastle CreationsPro-Line2010Travis AmezcuaMugen Seiki/Tekno RCLRPPro-Line 2011 Steven HartsonTeam Associated LRPJConcepts 2012 Ty Tessmann HB-HPI Racing/Tekno RC TekinPro-Line 2013 Billy Fischer Team Losi RacingNovakPro-Line 2014 David RonnefalkKyosho Team OrionAKA 2015 Ty TessmannHB-HPI Racing/Tekno RCTeam OrionPro-Line 2016Ryan MaifieldTeam Losi RacingTeam OrionJConcepts


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