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How-To Mount TLR 8IGHT-X Spindles into Aluminum Caster Blocks

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Main Photo: How-To Mount TLR 8IGHT-X Spindles into Aluminum Caster Blocks

By Mike Garrison

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Mounting Spindles into Aluminum Caster Blocks - 8X

Howdy Folks!

We wanted to go over some tips here on mounting the 8X spindle into the aluminum carrier.  Many of these tips can also be helpful for mounting them in the plastic carrier as well.

With wanting to keep tolerances tight, there are some important tips to getting the 8X spindle into the aluminum carrier that we wanted to share.  The main reason for this is many have been using the plastic carrier and will be switching over to the aluminum which can often mean some extra thread lock in some tight spaces.

For those of you building these from your used parts, make sure the surfaces of your spindle inserts are clean and clear.  It may be good to just lightly sand them flat if you see any thread lock on them.

Once you have those clean, it is the same process from here on out for those that are using new parts.  Start by placing thread lock into each hole in the spindle itself.  Please do not place the thread lock onto the screws for this item.  It tends to not make it all the way into the threads and thus you end up losing a screw and breaking parts.

Make sure you get enough in the hole to coat all the threads.

You can see in this image, there is plenty in the hole, but there is some that is on the surface as well.  Wipe the surface portion clean.

Do this to both sides.  Next, place the spindle inserts according to whether you want the spindle up or down and place the spindle between them.  Insert both screws a couple threads.  Now tighten one and then tighten the other. You should notice that thread lock has come out of the hole on the inside of the spindle like shown here.

Wipe this off of both sides so it does not get into the bearing bosses.

Now you can install your bearings and driveshafts and you are ready to go.  We hope this helps you out at the track.  Good luck out there!

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