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Italian GT Race Series Round 1 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Bruno Coelho

Last weekend held the first GTS Race 2021 at Vallelunga RC track in Italy.

We went there four days before the race to learn and test everything with our brand new XRAY GT8 and GT8E. The track is fantastic and the place is for sure one of the best RC places I have ever been to.

During the week we had some hours of rain but in the end, we had a very good amount of time testing on the track and luckily the race days were hot and sunny. We decided to test those days before the race not only to archive the best result possible but also to help and support our customers with the best setup for that track. In the end, everything was perfect and I was able to TQ in GT and GTE classes with our car showing a great performance.

In the finals, we had 4x XRAY cars in GT and 4x XRAY cars in GTE which was very good!

I won in both categories with Martin Bayer also with XRAY right behind me securing the second spot in both categories.

GT nitro results:

  1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY GTX
  2. Martin Bayer - XRAY GTX
  3. Leonardo Valente - Sworkz

GT electric results:

  1. Bruno Coelho - XRAY GTXE
  2. Martin Bayer - XRAY GTXE
  3. Natanaele Senesi - Serpent

A big thanks to my dad for the mechanic support and Piersante Dante for the pits on the final. I want to say congratulations to Luigi and Mireille for the great work, organizing the GTS race very well!! Congratulations also to everyone at the race for the great atmosphere!!

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