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LiveRC believes Black Lives Matter

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Silence does not progress a society forward. We have a voice with, and we feel it is critical to use it to reiterate our support to our Black viewers, friends, employees, and family of the RC community.

Do not mistake this as a political statement. This is not an anti-police statement. This is not a statement in support of violent riots. This is a humanitarian statement. We support racial equality and justice.

We understand that many people feel firmly that all lives matter, and while they do, that is not what the movement is about. It is simply about creating an understanding that Black people should be treated equally in society, no matter who they are interacting with. You don't chastise someone for wearing a pink ribbon in support of breast cancer and say "all cancer matters." This should be no different.

In support of this movement, LiveRC will donate 100% of all new Bonus Lap membership fees in the month of June to a reputable charity that supports social equality, but does not have a political agenda and does not support a political party. If you would like to sign up for a Bonus Lap membership to enhance your LiveRC account while supporting this cause, click the link below:

Bonus Lap Membership

Regardless of political affiliation, we hope that all our readers will join us in our support for racial equality and justice. We encourage you do your own research, and help make the RC community as inviting as we can for anyone passionate about the hobby.

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