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McBride Departs From Tekno RC

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Press Release From Kyle McBride on Facebook:

"Although this may come as a big surprise to many of you…. I am officially announcing that I have made a decision to resign from Team Coast 2 Coast RC & Team Tekno RC effective immediately. I want to quickly reflect on the year but most importantly reflect and show my gratitude to the people who took me on board and supported me so much. A seriously special thank you goes to Justin Moore for taking me on board for 2021, I can’t express how thankful I am for what you have done for me this year and you are one of the kindest and most generous men I know and I sincerely thank you for that! To Daniel Lewis, Illias & the entire team over at Tekno RC, I thank you all for the time we had together and for the support and great people you have shown yourselves to be, thank you for providing me with everything I needed for my racing and proving yourselves to be a strong growing team. I hope we get to properly see each other in person in the future Although I have decided to close this chapter of my racing at this time of year, I have decided, in the best interest of my RC career and future, to take on a new path and direction. And if I am being honest I have never been more excited in my life Moving into a world championship year and (fingers crossed) a Covid free year of racing, I am pumped to show the world what I am made of. Keep your ears and eyes open for what is to come" - Kyle McBride

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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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