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Press Release From ARC:

Building on the already rapid R12 platform, ARC is proud to announce the R12.1, incorporating many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain. By removing mounting holes for the R11 short arms, the R12.1 chassis features a slimline profile for reduced chassis scrub under hard cornering. Made from 2.1mm carbon fibre, this chassis delivers added flex for greater overall grip and a wider tuning window.

Inheriting the R12’s superior stability, a new upper A-arm design allows the R12.1 to better maintain correct suspension geometry under harsh racing conditions. This delivers more precise handling, improved tire wear and better corner speed. New EX-short ball ends help to further lower the anti-roll bar height. The R12.1 also features a new spool design that allows the outdrives to be replaced without removing the spool from the car, further enhancing its serviceability. The design features a large diameter to offer greater support to the C-Cap blades.

Kevlar pulleys are also standard on the R12.1. These greatly increase drivetrain smoothness while lowering belt wear. All new C-cap blades featuring a harder material further increase drivetrain efficiency and durability. ATS is now standard on the R12.1. This updated system now includes 4 degree C-hubs as standard, with extensive R+D showing greater stability during acceleration and under braking compared to 0 degree C-hub from the previous ATS system. Rounding off the changes are new battery hold-down plates to make LiPo changes easy and tape free. The R12.1 upgrade kit contains all necessary parts for racers to easily convert their R12 to R12.1 specification.

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