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New Avid Truss V2 1/8th Buggy Wheel



Press Release From Avid RC:

The Avid Truss 8th Wheel V2 provides a more consistent wheel in all conditions and continues to allow the tire to perform after it has lost its initial edge. With our first version of this wheel, we developed several features that had never been seen by the industry and we learned a lot about what to do and not to do. So we have moved to a more traditional ribbing pattern with the addition of a triangle truss feature right where the hex applies the most torque into the plastic wheel. We kept the traditional concave face that everyone has come to love over the past 10 years but with a slightly less aggressive curvature. The tire glue bead ribs on the outside have also been shortened to make your landing more plush allowing the foam to absorb the energy instead of the rubber tire hitting the taller rib commonly seen. Last but not least we felt it important to make the wheel nut mounting area have fewer cutouts so there is more material for the wheel nut to hold onto.


  • Looking inside the wheel you will see where it gets the name "Truss". The internal ribbing looks fairly common until you get to the center hex area where the truss triangles help keep the torque strength right where you want it when applying all your throttle, at the nut.
  • The glue bead support ribs, or what we like to call the headboards, are quite small so it doesn't interfere with the foam and tire doing their work while landing off of large jumps or rough conditions. It feels like you are landing on pillows and allows the foam not to be torn apart from getting sliced from a taller rib.
  • The face has a slight concave instead of the common flat dish. The benefit of this design is mostly for aesthetics, other than slightly more wheel nut protection, it makes for a very shiny wheel because the curve encourages reflections, and it helps break up the monotony of the common designs on the market.
  • Tapered outer wheel face so the glue will not run down the face of the wheel.
  • They have common features such as the rough glue bead area for better gluing, wheel nut area 3 cutouts to help serrated wheel nuts grab more edges, and the logo on the face of the wheel to represent.
  • Large 83mm outer diameter.
  • Lightweight at 39.7g each.
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