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New JConcepts 4.19" Tusks and Megalithic Tires

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Press Release From Jconcepts:

JConcepts continues to muscle new scale off-road items into the market with the introduction of the Tusk 1.9” for class 1 with a 4.19” O.D. After successful class 2 tires such as the Landmines, the team focused on a new class 1 design with learned information by driving, crawling, and important input from a heap of development time by the JConcepts team. The team went the successful 4.19” sizing making it an approved and scale-based tire, but the tread layout went under the scope for changes.

The Tusk has an animal like instinct while it makes its way over terrain with hefty lugs and sidewall support. The center of the tire starts with a V-shaped lug with multiple steps to the sides for additional grip while the green compound rubber flexes and contours to the landscape. The design team added large, staggered traction bars off the side continuing the V-shape pattern and while the shorter version steps in conjunction with the center lug, the longer version fills a void underneath and meets up near the center line of the tire.

The Mirrored aspect to the tire lays out beautifully and alternating rows provide a staggered height affect. JConcepts has added sidewall lugging for pinch grip and gap crawling and relieved a small portion of rubber for increased flexibility. All traction bars and lugging have relieved cuts and slots on the top to split up the flat surfaces for additional little edges for light dirt, dust, and debris. The sidewall lettering is highly detailed on the Tusk with naming, sizing, and identification.

The flexibility of the green compound combined with the lug arrangement gives the tire a grippy feel but still maintains the all-important scale and performance look. The overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for class 1 vehicles for an abundance of terrain. The tires include a medium ~ firm open cell foam insert capable of standing up to the super soft compound but flexible enough for sharp terrain.


  • Robust carcass, mirror V-block design, 1:1 inspired
  • 106mm | 4.19” overall size without insert
  • Cut and sliced lugs, stepping and recessed lugs for contortion control
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Super V-block, open center design for extra edges
  • Sidewall lugs, slots, and alternating height tread
  • Includes medium ~ firm, open cell insert

Nothing gets enthusiasts amped in the crawling off-road community like a fresh new tire. Coming off the heels of successful designs such as the Landmines, Scorpios, and Tusk, JConcepts presents the Megalithic. Built to the popular class 1, 4.19” outside diameter competition dimension, the Megalithic is the most detailed JConcepts tire ever produced. When JConcepts R&D sat down to conceptualize ideas and celebratory projects for its 20th anniversary, the team decided to produce an intricate crawling tire.

The Megalithic details a whole new layout of lug arrangement, terracing, and recessing to provide a footing capable of distorting to just about any terrain. The large “bat lug” center section can pull in either direction and can be tested in vertical lug direction forward, or with the stepping forward. Next to the center, the “club lugs” with recessed areas define the outside of the tread. The “sharks’ mouth” ties an arrangement of the center structure together and the Megalithic pyramid drops right into the center giving surface area at various angles.

The sidewalls include heavy traction bar placement, removed sections to add pitch and flex grip characteristics. Several “pencil push” plots array the sidewalls with heavy carved and shaved sections in each rotation. A “liquid rope” finalizes the sidewall tread detail to separate where the tread ends, and the tire lettering begins. Recessed JConcepts logo with inner hatching takes position in multiple areas while the 20th Anniversary logo looks strong. The tire naming is shown in prehistoric font with part number 4078 for easy identification.

The Megalithic tire includes firm “open cell” foam inserts to support the ride and packaged and sealed with authentic JConcepts packaging with holographic badge for identification. The JConcepts sticky green compound is a favorite among the RC industry giving just the correct amount of flex and dampen release to support weight and hold traction in difficult situations. The tire is designed for popular 1.9” bead mounting diameter plastic, aluminum, and steel wheels on the market.

The JConcepts team builds, tests, and travels the world to support the brand and gather valuable driver feedback in search of the best appearing and performance items on the market. The product is manufactured with high precision and always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style, licensing, and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic and licensed products – choose JConcepts.


  • Original Megalithic design, celebrating the 20th anniversary
  • Fits industry standard 1.9” diameter wheels
  • 106mm | 4.19” overall size without insert
  • Repeated bat, club, and pyramid tread throughout
  • Lug terracing, recessing, with pencil push sidewall detail
  • Retro JConcepts sidewall logo with inner hatch pattern
  • Hefty sidewall lugging with “liquid rope” detail for separation
  • Continuous thickness carcass for clean profile
  • Includes firm open cell insert
  • Available in JConcepts sticky green compound
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