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No Prep Redemption 1.0 Results

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Press Release From Sean South (No Prep Redemption 1.0):

"Wow! What a historic weekend. I want to first say Thank You to all the racers, sponsors, spectators and haters that made this event successful.

The event started Thursday night with the set up. I want to thank Billy Shaw, Luke Claxton, Jesse Hernandez, Mychal Douglas, Robert Douglas and the whole Team Divas for helping out setting up. I then picked up Art Sanfratello from the airport just after midnight. If you don’t know Art you need to get to know him and his company RC Speed Secrets. One of the best in the hobby and by far has the best products and customer service.
Friday morning came way to quick. We had a full day of practice. Then came the FIVE STAR Hobbies Fast 16 qualifying. This event was epic and the first of its kind. We saw cars full send with hero passes and cars launching 20 feet in the air to try to achieve the top spot. Brian Manske got the number 1 spot with a time of 1.84. Cody Offenbacker showed that you can have a slower car and win the event. He qualified in the number 9 spot and took out the number 1 and number 2 qualifiers. Congratulations Cody for the epic win.
Queen Of The Streets was the last event of the night! There were some very close races and in the semi finals we had a race margin of .001. Shelby Tabios took the win in the finals. Congratulations Shelby for the very First all female RC drag race win! Jazmine Hernandez did a great job putting it on the First ever Queen of the Streets.
Saturday started out by remembering 9/11. There was 193 total entries and 30 states represented at the event. We had some ups and downs throughout the day. There were some great races and one that stands out was when James Dibble lost Even though he posted the fastest time of the day. He posted a 1.81 and lost to a 1.83 I believe. As we got down to the top 8, we had 5 left in bracket A and 3 left in bracket B. We had a drivers meeting and voted to combine the brackets at that time to have a top 8 shootout with no bye’s into the finals. Dibs was deadly and fast and took home the win at the end. Congratulations to Dibbs for winning the highest paying RC event in RC history!

It was great catching up with old friends and making new friends. I want to Thank the 913-RC Drag Racing group for all the help and running the timing systems.

One last Huge Thank You, my wife Rachael South and my Daughter Sydney Jo Young. Thank you so much for all the behind the scenes stuff you guys did. If it wasn’t for you two this event wouldn’t have happened.
We learned a lot from this event and will put all we learned into planning for next year to make it a better event next year.

Now off to start planning for Redemption 2.0. See everyone next year for another great event

I forgot three more huge thank you’d and that goes to Desert hobbies/Live From 855 studios, Webb Rc Videos and Grants Hobby Videos for all the live coverage and awesome videos!!!"

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