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Talk It Up Tuesday: Joe Bornhorst

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This week's Talk It Up Tuesday features Joe Bornhorst, factory driver for Tekno RC. Found out a little more about what he has been up to and life outside of RC.

Tyler Hooks: Hey buddy how are things in Ohio and with the family?
Joe Bornhorst: Hey Tyler, things are good! Nicole and I have been settled into our house now for about a year or so. We’re trying to keep busy and do little things to it here and there still. But overall the whole family is doing well and everyone is making it through these strange times.

TH: How do you feel about your racing results and driving this year?
JB: I’ve been about to practice a bunch with all of the open time and fewer races that we’ve had, so I feel that my driving and overall program has been better than ever. Results wise, I have been up and down a little. I’ve had a lot of solid results, but haven’t had a whole lot of stand out performances this year. Regardless of how good your program is, and how well you drive, you still need some racing luck to fall your way to win at this level. There’s still some time left, and I have a feeling I have good one coming before the end of the year.

TH: What race are you most looking forward to before the end of the year?
JB: I’m really looking forward to the Southern Nationals coming up here in a few weeks. I seem to do pretty well there every year and enjoy the big jumps and flowing tracks they put in, so I’m excited to get on the clock down there.

TH: No one is really sure about what is happening with the worlds next year but are you excited about stacking up against everyone again?
JB: Yeah I’m not really sure what is happening with the worlds next year. As far as I know, no information has came out about it at all. But when and if it does happen, I’ll be ready to race the best in the world.

TH: Apparently you are pretty handy with a skid steer, have you been enjoying some track building lately and where did you learn?
JB: Yeah I’ve had a bunch of fun being able to build tracks lately! I’ve done a handful of them so far this summer and I think they’re getting better as I go. Back in the day I played around on a skidsteer here and there building pit bike jumps and stuff at home so I just learned over time how to run one. I’m definitely not a master operator, but I think I can hold my own in one! Haha.

TH: We’ve also heard you are getting married this year, are you excited about the event?
JB: Yeah! Here in about a month my beautiful fiancé Nicole and I are getting married. I’m really excited for the day to come. We’ve been really busy with the wedding planning and everything that goes into it, but it will all be worth it when I get to see her walk down the aisle that day.

TH: What have you been doing in your spare time lately?
JB: I’ve been just trying to keep busy with whatever I can get into. RC is obviously still the priority, but I’ve enjoyed getting into iRacing quite a bit lately and also going to help a buddy at the sprint car races on weekends that I’m home. Finally of course wedding planning, there’s a lot of that going on also.

TH: Is there anyone you would like to thank?
JB: Of course! Like always I have to give a huge thanks to family, friends, and fiancé for all of the help and support they give me. And also of course a huge thank you to all of my sponsors for allowing me to do what I do. Also thanks to you for having me on here for the interview today! Hope to see everyone at the races soon!


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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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