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TALK IT UP TUESDAY: Spencer Heckert

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This week we caught up with Spencer Heckert after a win at the LCRC Season Opener, and a podium at The Psycho Nitro Blast.

LiveRC: How has 2021 been treating you as a whole?
Spencer Heckert: I feel like 2021 has been going pretty well for me so far! I’m still learning a lot about all my new equipment but really happy with everything and I’ve just been getting more and more comfortable at every race!

LRC: The year started off with DNC which maybe wasn’t the most ideal event results wise, what happened?
SH: Yeah definitely not the results I was looking for there for sure, just missing out on the mains was a bummer. Honestly I think a lot of it was just the lack of time on the new cars in that type of condition mixed with the very limited amount of practice at that event.

LRC: PNB you came out swinging what changed in the 2 months since DNC?
SH: Yeah PNB went really well for me! This past month or two I’ve been hitting the practice track pretty hard trying to figure out what setups I like on my cars and really just getting more comfortable.

LRC: You grabbed the nitro buggy win at LCRC this past weekend against some heavy hitters, does this give you confidence going into nationals?
SH: Yeah it was definitely a solid weekend for me at LCRC and it was nice to get the win considering the nationals will be there this summer. I’ve always loved LCRC and have had good results there in the past as well, so for sure I’m pretty pumped going into nationals!

LRC: What is next on your schedule for 2021?
SH: Next on the schedule is Silver State in Vegas so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

LRC: If you haven’t graduated already you should be this spring, what is your plan for the future post high school?
SH: Yes I will be graduating this spring. As of now I’m going to continue racing full time and try to keep moving forward in my racing career.

LRC: How has the switch to Sworkz been treating you this year?
SH: It has been amazing so far. I couldn’t be more happy with the cars, from the way they drive to the quality of all the parts, everything is top notch. The whole team has been great as well. We all learn from each other and communicate often about what we like and don’t like which has been very nice!

LRC: Is there anyone you would like to thank?
SH: Yeah I’d like to thank my family for allowing me to continue doing what I love, all of my sponsors, and you for having me on this weeks Talk it Up Tuesday!

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