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THE SCIENCE OF SETUP: Episode 3 - Weight Transfer [VIDEO]

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Main Photo: THE SCIENCE OF SETUP: Episode 3 - Weight Transfer [VIDEO]

By Aaron Waldron

This bi-weekly column by RC Crew Chief founder Bob Wright delves deep into how and why particular adjustments alter the handling of your RC car or truck. You can download a trial version of RC Crew Chief for free and follow along to learn more about how to get the most out of your vehicle by tuning it the right way to suit track conditions:

The Science of Setup
By Bob Wright
The Science of Setup Episode 3 – Weight Transfer
In the first two episodes we laid the ground work by describing the physics and suspension properties behind setup. Now we are going to start looking at specific areas and show how to adjust and manipulate chassis settings to achieve desired handling characteristics. First up is “Weight Transfer” - also referred to as “Balance.”  This is how the Total Lateral Load Transfer (TLLT), discussed in Episode 1, is distributed between the front and rear of the car. It is one of the primary tools we have to adjust handling.
If you wish to follow along with the demos you can download RC3 here. The program will install in Trial Mode which means a few file management functions are disabled but otherwise it’s fully functional. All the on road and off road models that will be used in the demos are also preinstalled to make life easier:
So here it is Episode 3 –Weight Transfer:
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