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THE SCIENCE OF SETUP: Episode 5 - Camber and Camber Gain [VIDEO]

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Main Photo: THE SCIENCE OF SETUP: Episode 5 - Camber and Camber Gain [VIDEO]

By Aaron Waldron

This bi-weekly column by RC Crew Chief founder Bob Wright delves deep into how and why particular adjustments alter the handling of your RC car or truck. You can download a trial version of RC Crew Chief for free and follow along to learn more about how to get the most out of your vehicle by tuning it the right way to suit track conditions:

The Science of Setup Episode 5 – Camber and Camber Gain
In this Episode we will be talking about Camber and Camber gain which is all about controlling where the rubber meets the road. The goal being to maximize the tire contact patch with the racing surface over as much of the chassis roll range as possible.
Tire construction is a huge factor in determining the useful camber range. A more compliant tire carcass will deform more under lateral loading and allow a wider camber operating range. A harder tire will deform less and will be optimal over a much smaller camber window.
If you wish to follow along with the demos then you can download RC3 here. The program will install in Trial Mode which means a few file management functions are disabled but otherwise it’s fully functional. All the on road and off road models that will be used in the demos are also preinstalled to make life easier:
So let’s see what it all about in Episode 5 - Camber and Camber Gain.
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