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THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Armor Kote spray shine coating

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Main Photo: THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Armor Kote spray shine coating

By Mike Garrison

Whether it's wheel nuts, wings, tools, tracks, trinkets and/or anything in between, the LiveRC staff gives their testimonial and review of each every Thursday morning! 

This week's Thursday Testimonials product review is courtesy of long-time racer Brad Shearer. You might know Brad as the recent Reedy Race 2wd Open Class winner, the 2014 IFMAR Worlds LiveRC camera man, or maybe you know him as I do - the guy years ago who took an 1/8-scale buggy to the forehead, was sent to the hospital for stitches, and returned just in time to race and continue corner marshalling as if nothing had happened.

Brad is a college student extraodinaire who has been involved in the R/C hobby for 15 years. He races just about every class you can think of, and is a wealth of knowledge and talent. Outside of R/C, Brad is also often found at the full-size short course TORC Series races. A popular product among the TORC series racers to keep their trucks and buggies clean is called Armor Kote. Brad has tested and reviewed this popular choice of shine when applied to R/C.

(Photo courtesy of Armor Kote on Instagram)

Product info:

Armor Kote Shine Coating

Product review by Brad Shearer

Armor Kote is a product from Never Lift Racing (NLR), sold in 12oz aerosol cans, and is available in 1, 2, 4, and 12-packs. It is designed to make cleanups easier by preventing mud, clay, and other grime from sticking to treated surfaces, and is primarily used by racers in TORC: The Off-Road Championship. TORC racers use this product to repel the mud and grime from their full-size short course trucks, buggies, and UTVs. In addition to making cleanup easier, it is also intended to make dull surfaces shine "like new" again, and provide a water resistant shine. It is labeled safe to use on plastics, carbon fiber, helmets, painted surfaces, matte finishes, and metals.

For R/C use, Armor Kote is intended for use on the vehicles themselves (a-arms, shock towers, etc.), bodies, transmitters, etc.

  • Armor Kote was easy to apply on any R/C related surface.
  • Provides that "new car in a can" look.
  • Body and vehicle came off the track extremely clean compared to times I didn't use it.
  • Works excellent for cleaning/keeping clean chassis and chassis tape.
  • Leaves a water resistant shine on many surfaces as well as a berry scented aroma in the air.

(Brad's B64 shined with Armor Kote at the Reedy Race.)


  • Smells AWESOME.
  • Repels grime and water from both plastics and metals.
  • Provides superb shine and professional finish.
  • Less expensive than Maxima SC1 (popular comparable product).


  • Not as readily in-stock at motorsports dealerships and shops as some other brands.

Final Word:

I used this item at the Reedy Race of Champions. The misting system at OCRC Raceway keeps the track fresh, so I prepped my vehicles with this every morning for maximum protection, and the product worked extremely well.

Rating: 5/5

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