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THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Exotek Racing EB410 7075 Alloy Wing Mounts

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Main Photo: THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Exotek Racing EB410 7075 Alloy Wing Mounts

By Mike Garrison 

Whether it's wheel nuts, wings, tools, tracks, trinkets and/or anything in between, the LiveRC staff gives their testimonial and review of each every Thursday morning! 

Product Information:
Exotek Racing EB410 7075 Wing Mounts
$28.95 | #1841

If there is one thing that I am REALLY good at in R/C racing, that is tearing stuff up. This past weekend hosted the 2019 Off-Road JAM event at Fastlane Raceway. Prior to the event I found myself changing wing mounts on my Tekno RC EB410 buggy almost every other visit to the track. The stock plastic wing mounts never broke, but they are a bit soft and bend out of place. With my driving and excessive crashing, it doesn't take long to make a new wing and wing mount look like a pretzeled piece of plastic and Lexan.

In hopes to end the constant crooked wing, I purchased the Exotek Racing EB410 7075 Wing Mounts. These mounts are made up of 7075 alloy and raise the wing 5mm higher than stock for better tire clearance. Exotek also says this design is to increase downforce as well. These wing mounts are designed to be used with a carbon fiber rear shock tower, however, can be mounted on the stock plastic towers using four 2mm spacers on the shock tower screws which are not included.


  • Far more durable than the stock plastic mounts.
  • Raises the wing which provides better tire clearance than stock.
  • Anodized “Tekno RC grey” to match the car.
  • Easy to install, and fits very good.


  • Cost approximately $17.00 more than stock plastic mounts.
  • Does not bend or flex which puts more impact on the shock tower.

Final Word:

The Exotek Racing alloy wing mounts cost $28.95, whereas the stock plastic wing mounts (which also include wing shims, wing buttons, and front bumper) only cost $11.99. For someone who has already spent the $11.99 stock mounts numerous times, the extra expense was worthwhile. The raised 5mm design does increase tire clearance, however, I was unable to feel any added downforce or changes in handling. The only downfall I see to upgrading from plastic to aluminum alloy wing mounts is the added stress and impact that is now put on the carbon fiber shock tower in a heavy crash. With stock wing mounts they bend and flex, absorbing some of the impact. These do not bend or flex which transfers the bulk of the impact to shock tower. To be 110% clear, I have NOT broken a shock tower due to this yet, I am purely speculating potential “problems”. 

Overall, I am very happy with the Exotek Racing 7075 Alloy Wing Mounts and highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase durability, increase tire clearance, and/or keep their wing mounts straight. In my opinion, this is not a performance enhancing part, but a significant durability enhancement for those (like myself) who need it.

Beacon Rating: 5 / 5 



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