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THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Exotek Racing EB410 Brass Weight Set

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Main Photo: THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Exotek Racing EB410 Brass Weight Set



By Mike Garrison

Whether it's wheel nuts, wings, tools, tracks, trinkets and/or anything in between, the LiveRC staff gives their testimonial and review of each every Thursday morning! 

The Tekno RC EB410 buggy is built with majority of the weight towards the front of the vehicle. The weight distribution so far forward is ideal for high traction surfaces but can cause the car to feel very loose in the rear end on lower traction surfaces. One solution to help “calm” the rear end from sliding around is to add weight to the rear of the buggy. The amount of weight all depends on an individuals personal driving style and track conditions on which they are racing on, however, most commonly 40-50 grams of weight is used. While old fashion stick on lead weights will do the trick, Exotek Racing has introduced a brass weight alternative designed specifically for the EB410.

Product info:

Exotek Racing EB410 Brass Weight Set
#1807, $24.95

The Exotek Racing Brass Weight Set was designed specifically for the Tekno RC EB410, and is machined to fit precisely just in front of the rear C-block (also available in brass from Exotek). The weight set consists of one main weight (40g), and two add-on weights (8g each) – for a total of 56 grams of optional weight. For those looking to add even more weight, the 8 gram weights are also sold separately in pairs. The entire brass weight set is black coated to reduce corrosion, and includes necessary mounting hardware as well.


  • The weight set fits extremely well to the rear of the EB410 chassis, and is compatible with the long, short, or both rear chassis braces installed.
  • Installation is very easy with hardware and instructions included.
  • Each weight was exactly as it is labeled when tested on a scale – precision accuracy that is nearly impossible to achieve with “break-off” stick on weights.
  • The black coated finish provides a very clean and stealthy look, as opposed to using gaudy lead weights or uncoated brass.
  • Low-profile design adds the desired weight to the rear of the car while keeping it down low.
  • Adding weight significantly calms the rear end of the car on low to medium traction surfaces, making it easier to drive.


  • Easy installation and overall fit.
  • Precision machined with accurate weight as labeled.
  • Offers up to 56g of added weight, with the option to add more using additional 8 gram weights (sold separately).
  • More compact, a cleaner appearance, and more precise than using stick-on weights.
  • Compatible with short, long, or both chassis braces installed. 
  • Price is comparable to other brass weight options, yet offers more tuning options than a basic brass block.


  • Black coating is sleek and stylish, but scratches somewhat easy.

Final Word:

Adding weight to the rear end of the EB410 buggy is not mandatory, in fact some drivers prefer it without any weight at all. For drivers like myself, who desire a “lazy and easy to drive” buggy, adding weight is a quick way to calm down the aggressive handling. 50 grams seems to be the average amount of weight added by most Tekno EB410 drivers who use weights, however, I like my car as lazy I am – so I added a staggering 106 grams (one weight set, two sets of add-on weights, and the option Exotek brass C-block purchased) to my buggy. I am very satisfied with fit, finish, and performance achieved using the Exotek Racing Brass Weight set, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add weight to the rear of their buggy.

Rating: 5/5


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