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THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Schelle Racing Tekno EB410 carbon battery strap

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Main Photo: THURSDAY TESTIMONIALS: Schelle Racing Tekno EB410 carbon battery strap

By Mike Garrison

Whether it's wheel nuts, wings, tools, tracks, trinkets and/or anything in between, the LiveRC staff gives their testimonial and review of each every Thursday morning! 

Product info:
Schelle Racing Tekno EB410 Carbon Battery Strap

It’s no surprise that the plastic battery strap for the Tekno EB410 was quickly “upgraded” with a carbon fiber option from various brands, including Tekno. While there is a list of different carbon fiber battery straps for the EB410 to choose from, I have always had good luck with Schelle Racing products, and seeing that it was also the only one available at the time I ordered, it was easy to make my decision of which one I was going to choose.

While I don’t personally recommend charging your battery while it is still in the car, the stock plastic EB410 battery strap made that option nearly impossible – especially if you are balance charging, which I do highly recommend. The new Schelle Racing carbon battery strap was designed to make balance charging and checking your battery voltage easier by providing a milled slot for your balance plug – which is missing from the stock strap. It is also designed to provide a bit of lightweight bling.


  • Very lightweight and rigid design.
  • Fits very secure.
  • Adds significant improvement in appearance over the stock battery strap.
  • Milled slot lines up well, and provides access to balance port with strap installed.
  • Easier to install than stock brace.


  • None that I can’t find.

Final word:

It’s a bit hard to “test” a battery strap, as typically this kind of part is not a performance enhancing option. Schelle has provide an aftermarket replacement to the stock EB410 battery strap that is rigid, lightweight, stylish, fits nicely, and allows for balance port access if needed, and it doesn’t break the bank to do so ($14). It’s a win/win/win all the way around in my opinion.

Rating: 5/5


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