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Volker, Ratheisky, and Dobnikar Split ETS R2 Wins

Race Results


Main Photo: Volker, Ratheisky, and Dobnikar Split ETS R2 Wins

By Tyler Hooks

Press Release from XRAY:

Race report by Jan Ratheisky

Following a short race report of the ETS last weekend in Daun.

All drivers arrived Wednesday afternoon in Daun as this time the race started already on Thursday. As some of the Team tested a bit before we found out some other ways to create a setup and especially me decided to start with that setup at ETS R2.

In Stock, I Found the pace very early and just made small changes in between the runs like lowering the shocks and removed a bit camber gain on the rear. Totally happy with the car. I more or less just re-adjust it and tried different tire preps. The result was a solid TQ. In the finals it wasn’t that "easy" anymore as I got some nice attacks from behind. As I took it too easy in A1 I got fairly passed by Oli when I hit a curb a bit too hard. Luckily I calm down and won the A2 and A3 to win the overall. There were 5 XRAY cars in Amain.

Stock results
2. Alexandre DUCHET – XRAY T4’20
3. Simon LAUTER 

In Formula class my car was quite good with my practice tire but when I start to use my race tires I did not find any more steering. While the limit was reached at the front I even tried to free up the rear. Found a good middle war of sliding into the corner. Got the TQ but made a massive fail in A1. Took the lead and had a gap like 3 sec. I lapped a backmarker which pushed very hard behind me. This made me totally out of rhythm and I tapped stupidly on a curb and needed a marshal. Still happy to finish 2nd in that run I still totally throw it away on my own. (NOT the lapped guy! All ok ;) ) However I was able to win A2 as there was some crashes behind me. In A3 I got a traction roll for the first time on that track with my F1. Still don’t know why. Maybe hit something or drove to hard. Whatever. My Teammate Matej which was very fast all the weekend got by and even when I push to the limit I was not able to close the gap again so he took the overall win. Congrats Matej and also congrats to Luke Lee for his strong 3rd place. Clean Xray X1 Podium and 5x XRAY X1 in top 10. Well Done !

Formula results
1. Matej DOBNIKAR – XRAY X1’20
3. Luke LEE – XRAY X1’20

In Modified, Ronald Volker took 3 out of 4 qualification runs and secured overall TQ. In mains Volker held on his starting position and took A1 & A2 and took overall win

Modified results
1. Ronald VOLKER
3. Bruno COELHO – XRAY T4’20

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