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XRS Poland 2021/22 Off-Road Round 3 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Third round of the XRAY Racing Series Poland winter edition took place last weekend at Titan RC Arena held to Warsaw. This time only change was bigger bump before second wall. Starting list was little bit shorter than last time but it was still improving number of 69 entries.

2WD open class was dominated by XRAY drivers, Bartek Zalewski Sebastian Migal and Bartek Kramza were fighting for top spots. Till end of last main everything was possible.

2WD results:

  1. Bartek Kramza - XRAY XB2
  2. Bartosz Zalewski - XRAY XB2
  3. Sebastian Migal - XRAY XB2

4wd open class was dominated by Bartosz Zalewski in qualys. Mains after wonderful fight between Bartosz Bartek and Sebastian that Bartosz took overall 1st followed by Sebastian and Bartek in 3rd

4WD results:

  1. Bartosz Zalewski - XRAY XB4
  2. Sebastian Migal - XRAY XB4
  3. Bartek Kramza - XRAY XB4

2WD stock has been won by Piotr Stankiewicz followed by Pawel Kowalski and Donat Bulai in 3rd.

2WD stock results:

  1. Piotr Stankiewicz
  2. Pawel Kowalski
  3. Donat Bula

4WD stock was dominated by XRAY drivers Pawel Wysomierski won followed by Pawel Gut and Wiktor Deląg in 3rd.

4WD stock results:

  1. Pawel Wysomierski - XRAY XB4
  2. Pawel Gut - XRAY XB4
  3. Wiktor Delag - XRAY XB4

Truck Pro Rafal Ertel grabbed TQ and won, XRAY driver Kuba Krus in mains took 2nd place followed by his team mate Roman Debiec.

Truck Pro results:

  1. Rafal Ertel - Schumacher
  2. Kuba Krus - XRAY XT2
  3. Roman Debiec - XRAY XT2

Short course 2WD leaded by great XRAY driver Marcin Czech. He took TQ and overall win, second was Rafal Ertel followed by Janusz Pablich

SC 2WD results:

  1. Marcin Czech - XRAY
  2. Rafal Ertel - Team AE
  3. Janusz Pablich - Team AE

Short course 4wd after battle full of emotions Janusz Palich took overall win followed by Adam Tomala and Waldek Dubilas in 3rd.

SC 4WD results:

  1. Janusz Pablich
  2. Adam Tomala
  3. Waldek Dubilas

2wd stock easy, this class has been won by fresh young driver Antoni Duzyja
followed by Karol Brzozowski in 2nd and Piotr Mucharski in 3rd.

2WD stock easy results:

  1. Antoni Duzyja - Schumacher
  2. Karol Brzozowski - Schumacher
  3. Piotr Mucharski - XRAY XB2

E-mini results:

  1. Kuba Krus
  2. Adrian Burhart
  3. Marcin Amrozik
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