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Press Release From 1 World RC:

October 1, 2020, marks the official launch of 1 World RC!
Have you heard the movie quote "build it and they will come"? Well, I have built it. Faith No More once sang ‘What is IT?’

I will answer that question and more but first let me tell you a little about my background. I've been in the hobby for 35 years, owning a track for 30 of those years called the Tiltyard - you may have heard of us. We've hosted multiple state and regional events and also two National events in the early 2000s. One was a NORRCA National and the other was a ROAR 1/10th Modified Electric National.

Those events were a pinnacle moment in my racing and track-owning career. All the pros at the time were in attendance. I was rubbing elbows and trading paint with the best in the business on a driver’s stand I built and at a track that I owned. When it comes to RC cars I have been there and done that.

Hosting these races over the years has taught me the ins and outs of the RC organizations we have. What I noticed most is their focus is mainly on the big national champion races. It seems the regular weekend racer has been forgotten and the club racing scene is a thing of the past.

For 20 years I've wanted to change that. What held you back you may ask? I've always had some of the ideas I'm going to present to you but I could just never come up with a name that I liked and then one day it clicked and all the ideas came together. It is really that simple.

So today I would like to introduce you to 1 World RC, 1WRC for short. What is it? 1WRC is a worldwide RC racer ranking system for the regular weekend racer. 1WRC ranks you based on your results in any race you attend and submit to us the results. That's right, you can race anywhere worldwide and send us the results and start building your ranking beginning January 1, 2021. Not only that, but 1WRC will also rank you by sex, age-group, state, region, nation, and world.

The 1WRC system will produce state, regional, national, and world-ranked racers in all classes of RC. Our platform has a place for everyone. If you race it, we can rank you. The bigger the race, the more points you can score to build your rank. Check out our easy to understand rules, FAQs, and about us pages to learn how to score points and more about us.

But wait... there is more.

1WRC is also an RC social network like no other. It's all RC all the time. We have captured the feel of old school RC forums with modern technology mixed in. There is a fee for getting ranked, but the RC Social part is open to everyone free of charge.

Under RC Social you will find a forum with private messaging and categories for all your RC needs. Although we are not a video host, we do offer an area to link all those great RC videos for other members to view.

We also have photography and body painter contests lined up starting January 1, 2021, with weekly, monthly, and photo and painter of the year winners. These open contests will be voted on by the social members of the 1WRC site and 1WRC ranked members. No mail-in ballots here.

1WRC also has a members-only voting system in place for members who are getting ranked that will shape the future of the platform.

Your opinion matters to 1WRC. We welcome your suggestions. Practice contest voting is open now. Give it a try. Are you tired of winning yet?

Speaking of winning, every group of 100 new 1WRC Get Ranked members will be entered into our $500 cash drawing contest.

If you want more chances to win, refer a new member to Get Ranked and you will be entered into our separate $500 Get Ranked referral contest. See the contest rules for more details.

Still not tired of winning? The future of 1WRC is even brighter. Our ranking system will be used to build state, regional, national, and world-caliber races that you qualify for. No more fastest-clicker-in-the-west getting into a race they shouldn't be in.

Come check us out at for more information and to Get Ranked.

Launched three months before the official start of the 2021 race season gives everyone time to get prepared, ask questions, and get a feel for this groundbreaking RC platform. So get ranked!

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About the Author

Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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