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2019 BTCC Final Series Results

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Main Photo: 2019 BTCC Final Series Results

By Tyler Hooks

Statement from Schumacher Racing:

The final round of this year's series was held at the Stafford circuit. John Robson and his team had done a brilliant job and the track was in great condition.

With the weather looking a mix of sunshine and showers, none of us knew what was going to happen, but it would make it an exciting event.

Qualifying was done on round by round, with 2 from 4 rounds to count. This would then be followed with 2 finals for everyone.

In the respective 3 classes TQ was taken by Mikey Mansell in Modified, James Hart in 13.5t blinky and Chris Parrot in the 17.5t Hobbywing blinky handout motor class.

There was a few downpours of rain towards the end of qualifying, so a decision was taken to wait around 30 minutes to start the finals. This meant good fast racing in dry conditions for everyone.

After the 2 legs of each A final the results were as follows:

17.5t blinky
1 Chris Parrot
2 Mark Musgrove
3 Nick Turner
4 Nigel Shaw
5 Adrian Sully
6 Andrew Dawson
7 Daniel Rowley
8 Danny Ball
9 Craig Daffron
10 Mike Mansell

13.5t blinky
1 James Hart
2 Alex Brocklebank
3 Andy Murray
4 Daniel Robins
5 Mike Rowley
6 Mathew Wilcocks
7 Gabriel Henson
8 Chris Forrest
9 Jamie Hall
10 Steph Abbott

1 David Hall
2 Shaun Ogden
3 Jordan Norwood
4 Mikey Mansell
5 Stewart Woodend

Fantastic racing in the finals and well done to the winners. This meant the championship was over for this series and the results were all decided.

The top 3 in each championship were:

1 Olly Jefferies (Absent)
2 Shaun Ogden
3 Jordan Norwood

13.5t blinky
1 James Hart
2 Alex Brocklebank
3 Daniel Robins

17.5t blinky
1 Craig Daffron
2 Adrian Sully
3 Nigel Shaw

A huge thank you to the team at Stafford, John, Mike and Rich did a great job.

So that concludes another season of the BTCC, a big thank you to all of the drivers that have attended at some point throughout the season, also to the tracks that we have visited.

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