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2020 Psycho Nitro Blast Results

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Check out the top 5 from each class at the 2020 Psycho Nitro Blast which was held this last weekend in Tennessee. Photos curtesy of Jacob Peterson with. the Psycho Nitro Blast.

In Pro Nitro Buggy, the top 5 would shuffle around for a while at the beginning with Joe Bornhorst (Tekno) taking the lead for a while and holding on until just before his last fuel stop where he would stretch just a little too far and run out of fuel falling out of the top 5. Spencer Rivkin (Team Associated) would also be up there battling for the top spot until a broken wing mount would shuffle him down to 4th overall. Jared Tebo (Tekno) held a steady and solid pace and found his way to the lead after Bornhorst's flameout, he would hold on to take the win even with a long last lap crash. Seth VanDalen (Tekno) and Ryan Maifield (Mugen Seiki) would battle for quite a bit of the race culminating in a last lap pass by Seth to take 2nd with Maifield finishing 3rd. Adam Drake (Mugen Seiki) would make the most of long pit stops and late joker lane opportunities to battle all the way to 5th.

In Pro Nitro Truggy, Dakotah Phend (Team Losi Racing) was able to stay in the top 3 all the way through the race only using one joker lane pass. At the end he would use his last two consecutively to take a pretty sizable lead over 2nd place Joe Bornhorst with Spencer Rivkin taking 3rd. Jared Tebo was setting up to make it interesting with Phend but a flame out with drop him to a 4th place finish with Ryan Maifield taking 5th.

Finally the last class was Pro Electric Buggy. Being as late as it was the racing was tough and there was definitely some pin-balling as guys were trying to end the weekend off on a high note. Dakotah Phend was able to grab his second win of the weekend with Spencer Rivkin in 2nd and Tyler Jones (Agama) rebounding after Nitro Buggy to finish 3rd. Seth VanDalen would finish 4th with Mason Fuller (Team Losi Racing) rounding out the top 5.

Intermediate Buggy: 1st Spencer Klein, 2nd and TQ Gary Studt, 3rd Brad Dean, 4th Alexander Vaughn, 5th Logan Cowick
Intermediate Truggy: 1st and TQ Spencer Klein, 2nd Chris Marrant, 3rd Cowboy Risser, 4th Logan Wendling, 5th Cade Burnette
Intermediate Ebuggy: 1st Kaden Fuller, 2nd Cade Burnette, 3rd Zach Noia, 4th Alexander Vaughn, 5th Brad Collins, TQ Gary Studt
Sportsman Buggy: 1st Adam Congreve, 2nd Brandon Hutto, 3rd Jacob Savage, 4th Van Slutz, 5th Brad Clifford, TQ Mason Worley
Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Damon Evans, 2nd and TQ Matthew Tate, 3rd Van Slutz, 4th Jeff McCoy, 5th Ilan Sanderson
Sportsman Truggy: 1st and TQ Mason Worley, 2nd Brayden Billington, 3rd Jordan Jennings, 4th Travis Melton, 5th DJ Gannon
4WDSC: TQ and 1st Nathanial Betley, 2nd Justin Miller, 3rd Corey McDaniel, 4th Luke Ruffner, 5th Church Boy
40+ Ebuggy: TQ and 1st Gary Studt, 2nd Donald Elliott, 3rd Steve Downs, 4th Jerry Vanoosterwyk, 5th Jeremy McGuigan
15U Ebuggy: 1st Kaden Fuller, 2nd Nate Sutherland, 3rd James Dolan, 4th and TQ Spencer Klein, 5th Ty Payne
Mini Truggy: TQ and 1st Shon Harding, 2nd Christopher Lloyd, 3rd Michael Servough, 4th Christopher Rearick, 5th Jeff Eden
15U Nitro Buggy: 1st Joey Bourdon, 2nd Phi Long Nguyen, 3rd Spencer Klein, 4th Mason Fuller, 5th Brayden Billington
40+ Buggy: TQ and 1st Adam Drake, Paul Ciccarello, 3rd Gary Studt, 4th Gene Hickerson, 5th Bryce Beaver
Etruggy: TQ and 1st Cowboy Risser, 2nd Zach Noia, 3rd Jonah Wilson, 4th Ty Payne, 5th David Olsen

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