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2021 Czech National On-Road Championship Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

The third round of Czech nationals was hosted last weekend by Marcel Dostal in capital Prague. Brand new black ETS carpet was ready for the race which generated high enough traction for many exciting battles on track. The layout felt little bit faster compare to Hudy Arena and the grip was very different. Basic setup was quite aggressive and therefore many changes were done by the XRAY team. You can already find new setups online from Martin Hudy, Oliver Havranek and Jiri Vysin on the XRAY setup forum.

In the modified class, the fight for podium was mainly between top three qualifiers: Martin Hudy, Oliver Havranek and Matej Sulc. Boys showed some close racing but Martin secured his first place by winning first two finals. Jiri Vysin who qualified as fourth was trying to find some pace to compete with top three after his RC comeback. But some luck in the first final for Zdenek Hamak and Petr Grof who finished the run on second and third places shuffled the pact a lot. The race end up quite successful for the XRAY team securing five spots in top 7.

Modified results last round: 

  1. Martin Hudy - XRAY X4
  2. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
  3. Matej Sulc – Mugen
  4. Zdenek Hamak – XRAY X4
  5. Petr Grof - Mugen
  6. Jiri Vysin - XRAY X4
  7. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
  8. Jan Kanina – XRAY X4
  9. Jiri Jarolimek - Serpemt
  10. Guba Kneys – XRAY X4

Race report by Lukas Hoch

In stock class it was a dominant win by Oliver with his X4, followed by Simon and Karel. Each of them was on their level of pace. 

Stock results last round:

  1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
  2. Simon Horak - XRAY X4
  3. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY X4
  4. Marcel Dostal – XRAY X4
  5. Martin Sponar – XRAY T4
  6. Lukas Vopat - XRAY T4
  7. Jirka Svoboda - XRAY X4
  8. Pavel Mojzisek – XRAY T4
  9. Dusan Bayer – XRAY X4
  10. Marek Hradisky – XRAY X4

In formula the finals were really intense, like in modified class, but not upfront, the fights were on for P2-P4. Lukas Hoch were able to dominantly win all 3 finals, Ales finished on P2 and Tomas in P3. 

Formula results last round: 

  1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
  2. Aleš Horak - XRAY X1
  3. Tomas Sova - XRAY X1
  4. Martin Janicek - XRAY X1
  5. Marek Sova – XRAY X1
  6. Lukas Vopat - XRAY X1
  7. Jan Kanina - XRAY X1
  8. Jiri Kolman - XRAY X1
  9. Lukas Vater - XRAY X1
  10. Tomas Voborsky - XRAY X1

1/12 pancar last round:

  1. Marek Fric - XRAY X12
  2. Radovan Konopik - Schumacher
  3. Marcel Dostal - XRAY X12

1/10 pancar last round:

  • Marek Fric - XRAY X10
  • Daniel Urban - XRAY X10
  • Lukas Vrba – XRAY X10

With this race was finally the season results decided, 2/3 races were counted. In all classes the winner was decided in the last race here in Prague. 

After many intensive fights the whole season, here are the winners and podium finishers. 

Modified overal results:

  1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
  2. Matej Sulc - Mugen
  3. Jarolimek jun. - Serpent

Stock results:

  1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY X4
  2. Marcel Dostal - XRAY X4
  3. Simon Horak - XRAY X4

Formula results:

  1. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
  2. Ales Horak - XRAY X1
  3. Tomas Sova - XRAY X1

1/12 pancar:

  1. Marek Fric - XRAY X12
  2. Radovan Konopik - Schumacher
  3. Marcel Dostal - XRAY X12

1/10 pancar: 

  1. Marek Fric - XRAY X10
  2. Daniel Urban - XRAY X10
  3. Lukas Vrba – XRAY X10
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