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2021 JConcepts INS Finals Race Report

Race Results



Press Release From JConcepts:

The 2021 INS Series concluded this past weekend at an all new venue for JConcepts, Hoosier RC Hobbyplex. The newly revamped track and hobby shop came through bringing in 250+ entries and an epic racing surface and atmosphere.

The sealed surface made for very consistent racing, with grip starting slightly higher in the morning and leveling off towards the end of the day.

Friday seeding saw JConcepts Drivers dominate the charts.
• 13.5 Wheeler: 1st Collin Miles, 2nd Tyler Hooks
• 17.5 Expert Stock Buggy: 1st Davey Batta, 3rd Tyler Hooks, 4th Collin Miles, 5th Justin Green
• 17.5 Independent Buggy: 1st Damon Smith (Privateer)
• 40+ 2wd Modified: 1st Jason Round, 2nd Brian Dunbar
• 2wd Modified Buggy: 1st Dakotah Phend, 2nd Cole Collard, 4th Tyler Jones
• 4wd Modified Buggy: 1st Cole Collard, 4th Tyler Jones, 5th Dakotah Phend

The tires of choice were either ground down Silver Ellipse to full slicks, or the soon to be released Smoothes 2 in Silver. JConcepts Drivers universally seemed to prefer the RM2 2.2 Hard front inserts with some trying the RM2 2.2 Hard rear inserts as well.

Qualifying Results:
• 13.5 Short Course: 1st Adam Rayls 
13.5 Stadium Truck: 1st Justin Green, 1st Adam Rayls
• 13.5 Wheeler: 1st Davey Batta, 4th Tyler Hooks, 5th Justin Green
• 17.5 Expert Stock Buggy: 1st Davey Batta, 2nd Collin Miles, 3rd Justin Green

• 40+ 2wd Buggy: 1st Brian Dunbar, 2nd Jason Rouna
2wd Modified Buggy: 1st Dakotah Phend, 3rd Tyler Jones, 4th Cole Tollard

• 4wd Modified Buggy: 1st Cole Tollard, 3rd Dakotah Phend

The Main events saw epic battles in all classes, where mistakes were amplified usually meaning in the loss of multiple positions.

For more photos from the event, click HERE.

Aydin Horne would apply pressure early forcing a mistake from Dakotah in A1 and A3, allowing Horne to take the win. Cole Tollard would recover from a 4th place starting spot and battle hard in all 3 mains to finish 2nd overall with Brennan Schimmel finishing 3rd. Pole sitter Dakotah Phend would settle with 4th, Dakotah had a 1st in A2 but nothing to match it with. Finally Tyler Jones would round out the top 5 after tying with Schimmel and Phend.

2wd Modified Buggy:
1st Aydin Horne
2nd Cole Tollard
3rd Brennan Schimmel
4th Dakotah Phend
5th Tyler Jones

Dakotah Phend would bounce back from a 3rd in A1 to win A2 and A3 and take the overall in 4wd. Cole Tollard won A1 and took a 2nd in A2 to take 2nd overall after battling hard. Aydin Horne, Brennan Schimmel, and Tater Sontag would round out the top 5.

4wd Modified Buggy:
1st Dakotah Phend
2nd Cole Tollard
3rd Aydin Horne
4th Brennan Schimmel
5th Tater Sontag

Davey Batta dominated the 2wd and 4wd expert stock main events taking convincing wins over the field.

2wd Expert Stock Buggy:
1st Davey Batta
2nd Tyler Pattenaude
3rd Dalton Myers
4th Justin Green
5th Tyler Hooks

13.5 4wd Buggy:
1st Davey Batta
2nd Allen Horne
3rd Tyler Pattenaude
4th Justin Green
5th Tyler Hooks

40+ 2wd Buggy:
1st Brian Dunbar
2nd Jim Bronson
3rd Jason Rouna
4th Allen Horne
5th Chris Doseck

13.5 Short Course:
1st Adam Rayls
2nd Matt Hines
3rd Lee Conley Jr.
4th Mike Hobart
5th Adam Smith

13.5 Stadium Truck:
1st Tyler Stanley
2nd Justin Green
3rd Joshua Kincer
4th D-Nice
5th Noah Ford

Mini Truggy:
1st D-Nice
2nd Anthony Russell
3rd Josh Schroeder
4th Bobby Taylor
5th Adam Smith

17.5 Independent Buggy:
1st Johnny Lawson
2nd Doug Powell
3rd Damon Smith
4th Tyler Phelps
5th Rodney Killian

21.5 Spec 2wd Buggy:
1st Mike Hobart
2nd Noah Ward
3rd Nick Rombach
4th Adam Hale
5th Makenzie Rennison

1st Noah Ward
2nd Makenzie Rennison
3rd Blaze Nice
4th Nolan Hunt
5th Conner Essex

Big thank you to everyone who came out, we will be announcing the 2022 plans and schedule soon, stay tuned for more information.

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