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2021 Polish On-Road Nationals R5 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report by Michal Milanowicz

The past weekend hosted the 5th round of Polisch Nationals in City Ruda Slaska, Poland. The track is big with long turns where you go all the time full speed. On Saturday we had practice and qualification runs. On Sunday we didn’t have luck with weather and we didn’t have our Final runs, so the overall results been decided from the qualification runs.

F1 class

Here Michał Wojcik showed some great runs and skill taking the TQ in front of Sebastian Stepniak and Przemysław Wicher

1.Michał Wojcik – XRAY X1
2.Sebastian Stepniak – XRAY X1
3.Przemysław Wicher – XRAY X1

TC Modified

In this class it was a fight for the TQ between Michał Wojcik and Jakub Michalski. Both of them showed amazing speed and control of their cars in this class. Jakub didn’t luck with traffic and had a contact with other driver. Michał used this chance and got the TQ.

1.Michał Wojcik – XRAY T4
2.Jakub Michalski – XRAY T4
3.Michał Milanowicz – XRAY T4

TC Stock 13.5T

This class is already popular as it brings some really stock class race and fair play to the drivers. Driving the same motor and gear ratio shows who is better prepared. And this time it was Mateusz Bania who took the TQ. As it was the most popular class on the track there been some traffic problems.

1.Mateusz Bania – XRAY T4
2.Michał Bugajski – XRAY T4
3.Piotr Bigaj – XRAY T4

TC Stock 17.5T

Stock class with open motor choice and gear ratio was perfect for this track as you didn’t have to use break here. Sebastian Stepniak was the fastest driver in this class taking the TQ in front of Jerzy Krawczyk who tried to catch up Sebastian.

1.Sebastian Stepniak – XRAY T4
2.Jerzy Krawczyk – Asso
3.Dominik Rybacz – XRAY T4

1/10 Pan Car GT

As the temperature changed during the day it was hard to find the best setting for foam tires. Przemysław Lamch decided to drive safe and with this tactic he got the TQ. Mateusz Bania had some problems with tires and could not get in peace with his car.

1.Przemysław Lamch – XRAY X10
2.Mateusz Bania – CRC
3.Piotr Bigaj – XRAY X10

1/8 Electric class

The fastest class in electric classes. Jakub Michalski was like always calm and precise with his driving while Michał Milanowicz had some electronic issues and could not get a good run.

1.Jakub Michalski – Sepherd
2.Michał Milanowicz – XRAY RX8E
3.Przemysław Lamch – Buri

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