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2021 RC Pro South Off-Road Round 1 Results

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Press Release From The RC Pro Series:

This past weekend the RC Pro series presented by Tekno RC headed to Gulf Coast Raceway for round 1 of the South Off-Road series. 181 entries joined, check out all the results here.

Beach RC Pro Buggy: 1st Jared Wiggins, 2nd Ethan Lefebvre, 3rd Cameron Breaux, 4th Robby Darby, 5th Reggie Tongue
Team Tekin Pro Ebuggy: 1st Jared Wiggins, 2nd Tyler Hooks, 3rd Phi-Long Nguyen, 4th Cameron Breaux, 5th Ethan Lefebvre
Expert Truggy: 1st Jared Wiggins, 2nd Ethan Lefebvre, 3rd Tyler Hooks, 4th Mike Battaile, 5th Scott Stanley
Expert Etruggy: 1st Phi-Long Nguyen, 2nd Brian Henn, 3rd Mike Battaile, 4th Cameron Breaux, 5th Aiden Ferrell
Reds Racing Open Buggy: 1st Tony Keigley, 2nd Kayty Roxberry, 3rd Walid Elagamy, 4th John Bennett, 5th Preston Phelan
Reds Racing Open Ebuggy: 1st Traig Clark, 2nd Chris Hatch, 3rd Dean Vinson, 4th Arthur Carvalo, 5th Josh Elmer
Intermediate Truggy: 1st Doug Gearman, 2nd Peter Labarre, 3rd Tracy Abshire, 4th Brandon Revia, 5th Daniel Cervantes
Intermediate Etruggy: 1st Peter Labarre, 2nd Chris Snuggs, 3rd Chris Garcia, 4th Ken Edwards, 5th John Keen
Nemo Racing 40+ Buggy: 1st Reggie Tongue, 2nd Tony Keigley, 3rd Mike Battaile, 4th Mark Morrow, 5th Walid Elagamy
40+ Ebuggy: 1st Mike Ault, 2nd Mike Battaile, 3rd Traig Clark, 4th Mark Morrow, 5th David Diehl
Sportsman Buggy: 1st Joel Rodriguez, 2nd Keith Byrket, 3rd Richie Ross, 4th Andrew Frewer, 5th Hayden Hamner
Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st Bryce Medland, 2nd Hayden Hamner, 3rd John Keen, 4th Keith Byrket, 5th Andrew Frewer
1/10th Open: 1st Philo Hatch, 2nd Brent Jackson, 3rd Chad Washburn, 4th John Keen, 5th Kenneth Drake
Future Champions: 1st Abigal Gordon, 2nd Zac Keen, 3rd Preston Brown, 4th Philo Hatch Jr., 5th Kaeley Stanley

Nemo Racing 40+ Fast Lap Challenge Winner: Reggie Tongue

North/South Supporting Sponsors: Tekin, MKS, JT Bearing Co., Team Thornhill, VP Racing Fuels, Boom RC

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