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2021 ROAR 1/10th Scale Nationals Sign-Ups

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Press Release From ROAR Racing:

Registration will open for the 2021 1/10th Electric Off Road Nationals on Wednesday, June 30th at 9 PM EDT.

This year's event will be held at The Track in Gaithersburg, MD from August 25th through August 29th. Entry fees for the event are $100 for each class. Racers may enter a maximum of 3 classes. Drivers entering any Modified class may not enter a 17.5 or 13.5 Non-Timing class of the same chassis type.

Registration Deadline is August 15th. $15 cancellation fee prior to deadline. $20 late fee per class after the registration deadline. No refunds after the registration deadline.

The Track will host an open practice on Wednesday, August 25th at an additional cost of $20 paid to The Track. Please contact The Track to arrange pitting.

Competition will be held in the following classes: 17.5 2wd Buggy Non-Timing, 17.5 2WD Racing (Stadium) Truck Non-Timing,17.5 2wd SCT Non-Timing, 13.5 4wd Buggy Non-Timing, 2wd Modified Buggy, Modified 2WD Racing (Stadium) Truck, 2wd Modified SCT, 4wd Modified Buggy.

17.5 and 13.5 classes will use control tires and sauce. Control Tires must be purchased at the event. The control tire sauce for the event will be provided. Control Tires and Sauce will be announced soon.

Current ROAR membership is required through the last day of the event. The maximum number of entries will be 300. Entries beyond the maximum will be placed on a waiting list if paid in full and membership is current through the last day of the event. Entry fees are refundable for those on the wait list who do not make it into the event. Memberships however, are not refundable.

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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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