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2021 Schumacher Outdoor Off-Road Masters Final Results

Race Results



Press Release From Schumacher RC:

This past weekend was the fifth and final round of the fantastic SOOM series 2021, there was once again a great entry of drivers present. It was the biggest entry of the series, with 108 entries for 2wd and 91 entries in 4wd.

The race format was round by round qualifying, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position.

The Robin Hood team had designed a fantastic track layout for both days of our event and the venue was looking in prestine condition.

Once again as some travel restrictions have been lifted, it allowed some International entries from Michal Orlowski, Jorn Neumann and Riccardo Berton to travel across for the event.

In 2wd qualifying it was Michal Orlowski who would take TQ to line up on pole. Lee Martin would be 2nd and Paul Crompton would line up 3rd.

The A Final 2wd result after all 3 legs was:

1 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
2 Lee Martin - Yokomo
3 Tommy Hall - AE
4 Jorn Neumann - Schumacher
5 Luke Holdsworth - Schumacher
6 Paul Crompton - AE
7 Ben Smith - Schumacher
8 Josh Holdsworth - Schumacher
9 Jamie Hall - AE
10 Joni Skidmore - Schumacher

In 4wd qualifying, it was Michal Orlowski who would take TQ in all 4 rounds to line up on pole. Lee Martin would be 2nd on the grid and Jorn Neumann lined up 3rd on the grid respectively.

The A Final 4wd result after all 3 legs was:

1 Michal Orlowski - Schumacher
2 Lee Martin - Yokomo
3 Joni Skidmore - Schumacher
4 Jorn Neumann - Schumacher
5 Paul Crompton - AE
6 Josh Holdsworth - Schumacher
7 Tommy Hall - AE
8 Ben Smith - Schumacher
9 Luke Holdsworth - Schumacher
10 Kev Lee - Schumacher

We also had the famous Schumacher raffle each day, so lots of happy people won prizes!

As this was the final round of a brilliant series, both championships were decided at this event.

The top 10 of each championship are as follows:

2wd championship

Driver Points
1 Tommy Hall - 299
2 Lee Martin - 295
3 Paul Crompton - 294
4 Ben Smith - 292
5 Luke Holdsworth - 289
6 Josh Holdsworth - 285
7 Tom Yardy - 283
8 Jamie Hall - 283
9 Ben Jemison - 282
10 Matt Thompson - 276

4wd championship

1 Josh Holdsworth - 294
2 Ben Smith - 292
3 Tommy Hall - 291
4 Paul Crompton - 291
5 Lee Martin - 289
6 Jamie Hall - 285
7 Phil Sleigh - 283
8 Tom Yardy - 282
9 Tyler Liddle - 277
10 Charlie Saunders - 276

Drivers needed 3 rounds to count for the championship.

This was another great event with some superb racing action on track.

During the series we had 213 individual entries in the 2wd class and 158 entries in the 4wd class, thank you to each and every one of you.

A huge thank you to the Robin Hood Raceway team for all of their hard work and efforts, a special thanks once again has to go to Richie Stoddart for all of the work he did for us during the weekend.

So that completes the SOOM 2021 series, it has been a hugely successful race series for the 1/10th competitors and we are so happy that we managed to put the series on for you.
We've had a few challenges along the way due to the pandemic but we still managed to pull it altogether.
Many people have asked if we will do it again next year as they had such a great time, we need to wait and see what the situation is with other large race events like the 1/10th BRCA Nationals and Regionals, but watch this space.
There may still be room for another SOOM series 2022, maybe just maybe!

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