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2021 Southern Nationals Results

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The 2021 Southern Nationals took place this past weekend with almost 600 entries attending the prestigious event, check out who ended up on the podiums here.

Pro Nitro Buggy Results

  1. Dakotah Phend (TQ)
  2. Spencer Rivkin
  3. Ryan Cavalieri
  4. Ryan Maifield
  5. Jared Tebo

Pro E-Buggy Results

  1. Mason Fuller
  2. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
  3. Dakotah Phend
  4. Spencer Rivkin
  5. Joe Bornhorst

Pro Nitro Truggy Results

  1. Jared Tebo
  2. Mason Fuller
  3. Ryan Cavalieri
  4. Ryan Lutz
  5. Spencer Rivkin

E-Truggy Results
1. David Olsen
2. Tyler Hooks (TQ)
3. Patrick Rossiter
4. William Ables
5. Peyton Puckett

Intermediate Nitro Buggy Results

  1. Chris Marrant (TQ)
  2. Brian Givens
  3. Graham Hill
  4. Robert Chapman
  5. Shane Barrier

Intermediate E-Buggy Results
1. Kayla Espinel
2. Thomas Hinton
3. Chris Marrant
4. William Ables (TQ)
5. Peyton Puckett

Intermediate Nitro Truggy Results

  1. Mike Battaile
  2. Aaron Royston
  3. Chris Marrant (TQ)
  4. Gary Guffey Jr.
  5. Brian Rohde

40+ Nitro Buggy Results

  1. Brian Givens
  2. Drew Spurgeon
  3. Aaron Royston
  4. Kurt Wenger
  5. Mike Battaile

40+ E-Buggy Results
1. Drew Spurgeon
2. Aaron Royston
3. Kurt Wenger
4. Shaun Grider
5. Tim Kay

Sportsman Nitro Buggy Results

  1. Joel Rodriguez
  2. Marc Robinson (TQ)
  3. Eric Morrison
  4. Chase Lyman
  5. Brian Hicks

Sportsman E-Buggy Results
1. Kris Stapes
2. Billy Dicorte
3. Joshua Kincer
4. Joel Rodriguez
5. Brandon Revia (TQ)

Sportsman Nitro Truggy Results

  1. Derek Guidry (TQ)
  2. Shawn Alcorn
  3. Erik Morrison
  4. Doug Gearman
  5. Brandon Revia
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