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2021 Swiss On-Road Nationals R5 Report

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report by Monika Ackermann

Boris Siladi in front of Nuno Huber and Valentino Malighetti.

Three XRAY pilots on the podium in the PRO Stock category in Dintikon. Congratulations on this great achievement.

Pro Stock results:

  1. Boris Siladi - XRAY
  2. Nuno Huber  - XRAY
  3. Valentino Malighetti - XRAY
  4. Luca Martinelli - XRAY

At Modified, the beaming winner Michele Manzo was third ahead of Philipp Huber and Darco Meister. With this 3rd place, Darco has already secured the title of Vice Swiss Champion. Congratulations.

Modified results:

  1. Michele Manzo
  2. Philipp Huber
  3. Darco Meister - XRAY

Urs Burkhard with X1 was the winner of the F1 followed by Roberto Adami and team colleague Markus Kretz. The journey from Ticino was worth it. Congratulations Urs.

Formula results:

  1. Urs Burkhard - XRAY
  2. Roberto Adami
  3. Markus Kretz - XRAY

Finally the opportunity to see a race on site again was very nice. The Dintikon race track is only about 10 minutes away from home. On Saturday, with wonderful weather, we were able to enjoy a few more runs in the evening.

During the night the rain came and on Sunday morning the track was wet but slowly dried off. So some finals could still be driven dry.

There were a total of 74 pilots in all categories. Which of course made the organizer very happy.

The guest class MST was very nice to see. A class for every man and woman.

From the smallest to the multiple Swiss champions, all the same. Nobody is too small to be an RC pilot here. The kids drove their laps with concentration and the "professionals" soon have to warm up. Because the boys and girls will soon storm the podium ... Talent is there!!

Thanks for the nice race, it was a lot of fun to be a spectator.

Many thanks for the photos, to Darco, Nuno and Giacomo.

The 6th run will take place on October 9th and 10th in Chiasso, Ticino.

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