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2021 Turkey On-Road Championship Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Umut Turkay

Turkey On-Road Championship (TORC) 2021 Round 2, Turkey - Izmir

The Turkey On-Road Championship (TORC) 2021 round 2 of shortened-season had been completed at Efmod- Izmir Track. Still, the shadow of Covid 19 at the race track but racers with vaccination and precautious measures helped to finalize round 2.

Round 2 hosted sections as 1/10 GP, 1/10 EP Stock, and 1/10 EP Modified as previous one.

For all three sections full XRAY podium, one more time is representing results of hard working, sharing, and preparation.

1/10 EP Stock: Ali Kaya, one more time, put a very solid race line and winner of the weekend for the competitive Stock Race of the weekend. Poyraz Serezlioglu in second place and Mertcan Cakmak finalized at third place.

1/10 EP Stock results:

  1. Ali Kaya - XRAY T4
  2. Poyraz Serezlioglu - XRAY T4
  3. Mertcan Cakmak - XRAY T4

At 1/10 GP: probably one of the most “unpredictable” races of the season, Different race leaders with different strategies kept spectators breathless. The winner is Kagan Aydin, last year champion Utku Kizildag was runner up, and first race winner Alain Sarafyan completed the podium.

1/10 GP results:

  1. Kagan Aydin - XRAY NT1
  2. Utku Kizildag - XRAY NT1
  3. Alain Sarafyan - XRAY NT1

Last Section 1/10 EP Modified, three names of podium same from the first race but winner and second swapped their places.  Poyraz Serezlioglu was the winner, Atahan Yildiz second and Burak Ozcan took 3rdplace.

1/10 EP modified results:

  1. Poyraz Serezlioglu - XRAY T4
  2. Atahan Yildiz - XRAY T4
  3. Burak Ozcan - XRAY T4

Once again, in this complex structure of life, eagerness and motivation for racing is very difficult; worldwide virus problem that changed the status of the country every minute. Thanks to organizers, Efmod Track Management, and especially big applause to Racers and supporting hobby shops that they stand behind the event.

We congratulate all racers and supporters, we are looking forward to meeting at the final race of the season at the end of August.

See you at next race.

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