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2021/2022 XRS Slovakia Round 1 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

The first round of the popular XRS series was held on October 9th at the world famous Hudy Arena in Trencin, Slovakia. Some 120 entries spread out in 11 different classes joined the event.

In the TC modified class, it was Alexander Hagberg who took the TQ in all qualifying rounds with his brand new X4. He converted the TQ into a win in the finals after a faultless drive. There was an intense battle for 2nd between Martin Hudy and Oliver Havranek, where eventually Martin Hudy took the runner up spot, and Oliver Havranek ending up 3rd.

1/10 Modified results:

1.  Alexander Hagberg - XRAY
2. Martin Hudy - XRAY
3. Oliver Havranek - XRAY

In the TC Stock class, we saw a surprise TQ from the Swedish driver Marcus Von Elling. He put in a perfect run in Q3 to put his XRAY on pole position. In the finals he had to settle for 2nd, as Oliver Havranek fought his way up to 1st. Mark Valent from Hungary took the 3rd podium spot.

1/10 Stock results:

  1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY
    2. Marcus Von Elling - XRAY
    3. Mark Valent - XRAY

In the Formula class, it was the Hungarian driver Gergo Valent who was victorious, in front of our XRAY team driver Lukas Hoch. 3rd place was won by Michal Nagy.

1/10 Formula results:

  1. Gergo Valent - XRAY
    2. Lukas Hoch - XRAY
    3. Michal Nagy - XRAY

In the 1/12th scale class, Alexander Hagberg was once again on TQ after the qualifiers, but after some crashes in the finals, he had to settle for 3rd, after two DNF's in the finals. This meant that Oliver Havranek took an impressive win with X12'21. Zsolt Kalnay took the runner up spot.

1/12 results:

  1. Oliver Havranek - XRAY
    2. Zsolt Kalnay - XRAY
    3. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY

The popular and growing 1/12 GT class was won by the Canadian driver Boyd Chwartacki. Boyd converted his TQ into a win with his X12'21 after a dominant drive all day.

1/12 GT results:

  1. Boyd Chwartacki - XRAY
    2. Frantisek Sipos
    3. Ivan Viskup - XRAY

In the 1/10 pan car class, we saw Laszlo Gabor take the win, in front of Miro Hargas and Vladimir Viskup.

1/10 Pancar GT results:

  1. Gabor Laszlo - XRAY
    2. Miro Hargas - XRAY
    3. Vladimir Viskup - XRAY

Report by Martin Bayer

After longer Covid brake very famous XRS series in Hudy Arena was back.

Traditional race format with practice on Friday and race on Sunday gives everyone a lot track time and prepare for race.

On Friday I try to find best setup for my XB2 and XB4. I know it will be very difficult to fight for top spot. I was focusing on finding car setup to make both cars easy to drive. As I know 5 min without mistake is always fastest.

On Saturday morning my first run was no perfect so I lost first run in 2WD but since then I find my pace back and TQ rest of runs.

So I secure overall TQ and start from pole. Finals has been quit aggressive us many drivers want to win.

I push very hard since first corner to extend gap and manage lead until end of run.

No mistakes and consistent driving bring me home double WIN.

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me.

1/10 2WD Buggy results:

  1. Martin Bayer - XRAY
    2. Max Gotzl - XRAY
    3. Matus Benetin - XRAY

1/10 4WD Buggy results:

  1. Martin Bayer - XRAY
    2. Micha Widmaier - Sworkz
    3. Hupo Honigl - XRAY
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