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2022 Visions Off-Road RC Championships

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2022 Danish Off-Road Nationals Round 2 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Pelle Culmsee

Danish Nats round 2. Held at Bjæverskov RC track.

Track was quite bumpy and Dusty. Very tricky to get around. But never less, we manage to setup our Xray cars to suit this track conditions!

E-buggy was a great Day! I manage to snap practice, Sweep the qualifying rounds to start TQ. Followed by Patrick Danielsen (Xray) and Daniel Rose (Xray). Daniel Bubel struggled trough qualifying. He started P5 for the finals!

I manage to take all three Wins meaning a TQ and Win for me! Rose though his Way to second place! While Bubel snapped the 3rd spot! PD had some rough finals that meant he had to settle for 4rd.

But a great result for the team!! Meaning the Xray 1-2-3-4! Never happened in Buggy in DK before!! Awesome job to all of them!

Sunday track was getting more bumpy and Dusty!

But again I manage to take all 4 rounds of qualifying, with Bubel in P3

We both had great Semi meaning we would start P1 and P3 for the final. I could take a tone to tone win, with a 2 lap gap to second place! Bubel had a rough start, but fought his way back to P3. Only 10 seconds after P2!

Nitro buggy results:

  1. Pelle Culmsee - XRAY/FX
  2. Martin Lissau - Associated/O.S
  3. Daniel Bubel - XRAY/FX

Ebuggy results:

  1. Pelle Culmsee - XRAY XB8E
  2. Daniel Rose - XRAY XB8E
  3. Daniel Bubel - XRAY XB8E
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