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2022 Visions Off-Road RC Championships

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2022 Visions Off-Road RC Championships

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2022 XRS Grand Final Results

Race Results


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Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Bruno Coelho

One more amazing XRS Grand Final it’s done.

This race was created many years ago and it's one race dedicated to the XRAY customers. We had a Roast pig party, karting, tombola with a lot of stuff and RC race in just one weekend. Everything was fantastic as always and also the weather was on our side. In the kart race, I finished 3rd with a great battle on the final with Alexandre Duchet. In the Hudy Arena track with my XRAY X4 was completely different and I was able to TQ and Win the race, my car worked very well and I was really missing driving on this track. Now it is time to prepare everything for the upcoming races.

Modified results:

  1. Bruno Coelho
  2. Alexander Hagberg
  3. Oliver Havranek
  4. Jiri Vysin
  5. Antoine Brunet
  6. Maty Knopp
  7. Marco Kaufmann
  8. Christian Kostadinov
  9. Adrian Lippich
  10. Juraj Hudy

Stock results:

  1. Alexandre Duchet
  2. Martin Hudy
  3. Jan Ratheisky
  4. Adam Izsay
  5. Stefan Schulz
  6. Tom Kragefski
  7. Gergo Valent
  8. David Ehrbar
  9. Mark Valent
  10. Radko Cernohous

Report by Lukas Hoch


Finally I was able to get it done in front of my team mate and the best F1 driver in the world.

Thank you to everyone, it was a nice weekend off track with friends, karting and so on!

Formula results:

  1. Lukas Hoch
  2. Jan Ratheisky
  3. Gergo Valent
  4. Michal Wojcik
  5. Tomas Sova
  6. Marek Sova
  7. Dominik Rybarz

Report by Stefan Schulz

XRS Grand Final 2022 are done and me too.

I am super happy to win the FWD class here and to get the 5th place behind the top Stock driver. I tried to save my 2 sets of tires for the final. I am starting from the 8 spot but with fresh tires it makes a lot of fun in the finals.

Thanks to my sponsor for support on and behind the track.

FWD results:

  1. Stefan Schulz
  2. Mirko Schulze
  3. Mateusz Bania
  4. Nikos Nikolakopoulos
  5. Chris Kidis

1/10 Pan car results:

  1. Michal Bania
  2. Vladimir Viskup
  3. George Kazoglou
  4. Miro Hargas

1/8 Onroad electric results:

  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Tomas Liptak
  3. Igor Liptak
  4. Michal Milanowicz
  5. Marcel Dostal
  6. Kai Asmer
  7. Norbert Hugel
  8. Ioannis Nerantzis

1/8 GTE results:

  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Tom Kragefski
  3. Gabriel Meszaros
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