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ACI Italian Nationals Round 3 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Alessio Menicucci

Last weekend 3rd round of Aci Italian Nats took place in Arezzo. Race started on Saturday afternoon with 3 qualification rounds while 4th round and finals were on Sunday.


X4 was on point from Friday and it allowed me to be TQ. Filippo Domanin showed great speed and consistency starting from 2nd position in front of Gabriele Berselli. I was able to confirm my pole position winning the race. Many fights and overtaking took place between Domanin, Berselli, Collina and Marrone during all finals. At the end was Berselli to take 2nd position in front of Nicola Marrone. Solid race also for Luca Torreggiani 4th with Xray.

Modified results:

  1. Alessio Menicucci - XRAY X4
  2. Gabriele Berselli
  3. Nicola Marrone

Stock 13.5:

As we expected it was a tight race between many fast drivers. In the first qualy happened what I have never seen before: Andrea Simari and Roberto Fabiano, both with new X4, won the Quali with an identical time in 5 minutes, incredible!! After all rounds was Andrea Simari to start from Pole Position, followed by Simone Alleotti and Roberto Fabiano. Andrea Simari, at the first race with Team Xray, won all finals showing great feeling with his new car. Roberto Fabiano was very consistent and, after an overtaking on the last corner of second final, took the 2nd spot on the podium in front of Emiliano Dagliana.

Stock 13.5 results:

  1. Andrea Simari - XRAY X4
  2. Roberto Fabiano - XRAY X4
  3. Emiliano Dagliana


Bryan Ferrara took Pole Position in formula class followed by Luca Magnocavallo and Alessandro Manciocchi. After some great fights in the finals Alessandro Manciocchi took the top spot of the podium, followed by Bryan Ferrara and Lorenzo D’Elia.

Formula results:

  1. Alessandro Manciocchi - XRAY X1
  2. Bryan Ferrara
  3. Lorenzo D’Elia - XRAY X1
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